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Do we need Science to prove the Existence of Soul ?

1. Did you know-

The weight of a Soul is 21 grams - MacDougall experiment. The 21 grams experiment refers to a scientific study published in 1907 by Duncan MacDougall, a physician from Haverhill, Massachusetts.

2. Children who remember their past lives, several thousand research studies were done. The cases of reincarnations and several Psychiatrist, Physician Doctors who have come across cases of Past Lives through the past life regression technique.

can be found in Journals and the Internet.

3. The Near Death Experience (NDE) of Adults... Where they go to a door and back on Earth in their own body.

Dr. Peter Fenwick said NDE and Cardiac experiences say, that when brain is not functioning due to lack of Oxygen, the consciousness takes over. So when a person regains conscious state, it is the consciousness which brings back all the necessary information to a person who has regained a conscious state.

4. Dr. Peter Fenwick studied NDE for years and it is far more common than talked about and rejected by the modern western scientist, who calls the souls and its journey as a paranormal activity.

13 Million Americans have reported an NDE, it is now that Science is considering it as a phenomena which exists. The statistics of those having NDE are similarly high in others countries of the world.

Just like Psychology over a 100 years ago as a subject was looked at with skepticism, today reincarnation and the soul concept goes through the same skeptic thoughts from the modern western Scientist.

5. During Anesthesia how a brain works was researched and it was found that, a brain does not sleep under Anesthesia. Microtubules is the origin of consciousness was found by Dr. Hammorack who studied the brain activity of patients under anesthesia. Hammorack's quantum theory now speaks about consciousness, the existence of Soul.

6. Out of body experience, as experienced by many patients while lying on their bed unconscious or semi conscious is something which cannot be explained by Science, as to how those who lay on their beds and had several things out of their sight, still knew in details about the occurrences that happened while they were unconscious. They knew about things which did not necessary take place in their room, but outside. When they return to their body, it feels less of a dream, rather a very real experience they had just lived.

7. Telepathy is another phenomena of connecting without words, linked souls speaking across space and time. Modern Science is yet to prove this phenomena through science.

8. Dr. Frank Ecehnhover talks about the Buddha's (the enlightened one) technique of meditation, they achieve the altered state of consciousness through meditation and reach the heightened state of awareness called the universe of the soul.

Whether Scientific world accepts or rejects the existence of Soul and it's Journeys, the truth is...
"Soul is more a matter of Belief than Proof"

Renuka Gupta, PhD, Spritualogist

HART Founder



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