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Earth's Messenger Speaks

The Earths Messenger speaks about:

Light within each, who we are, Old Souls have come back, The enlightened, Australia fires, North America in darkness, Need for hearts to open...

"The light is within each one, it only needs to be kindled, it needs to spread and link and grow, therein lies the salvation, therein lies the reality, everyhting is light.

Everything is connected.

Each person must allow the light to grow and flow. It is the path to eternity. It is the connection between all. It is life itself. Light is pure and healing, it destroys all negativity by penetrating it and dissolving it. Light is pure and it is growing. It is growing and it needs to grow. Light is the source of life of all that is good within.

All of us, we are all one and the same. Allow the light to flow freely between us. The light stems from the heart and it radiates out, it links, from one light source to another. It is the only true reality, everything else is a dream, inventions, movable, changeable.

Everything exists within the light. It flows through each one, what you are feeling is the energy, the light flowing from the heart, outward through the hands. As the resistance is released more energy can be felt flowing through the body and radiating out.

That is how you heal by allowing the light to flow and to reach the blockages in others and everything around you. As the light flows, the light absorbs the darkness. It illuminates, heals and protects. The blocks prevent the light from flowing, blocks need to be absorbed by the light.

There are enlightened souls. Souls that are awakened, your mission is to unify them and pool them together, bring their light sources together to connect and to make it stronger. They are strong individually, some more than others, but together they are very strong.

Messenger of the Earth speaks again -

The earth is live, I sense energy from it, I see the trees, I feel their whispers, they are smiling. They feel the awakening of old souls, there is a movement to reconnect human beings with the earth with the knowledge of old that had been forgotten and dormant. There is a movement across the earth, souls awaken and the old voices in waves are seeping through. Being reborn in humanity, a respect that was lost is being rekindled. It is right that this should happen for all are connected.

There is no seperation between humans and earth. All is connected in a beautiful unity , free flowing. It is so peaceful, what has been separated is flowing back together without boundaries as it should be. Life itself in all its forms, pure, good, the voices, the knowledge of the past is starting to flow back, back through us, back through the human form. Its beautiful, its pure, filled with love and beauty and that needs to go into the crevices where there are blocks and destroy the blocks. So much sadness, the light needs to heal the sadness, it needs to flow".

Australia- the pain of the Earth, plants , animals, humans
It's the destruction of the old, to allow the rebirth of the new. It is not death it is rebirth. The pain of rebirth necessary for life to move forward. This process of rebirth is accelerating, the country where it is accelerating the most is in North America. Turmoil and tension in NA. . I see darkness. I see tightness, I see matter blocking the light. Low vibrations, anger, revenge, power, pain.

What is to be done for the shifts in NA?

I sense turmoil, manmade turmoil, humanity made. Humanity is dense , still a lot of darkness and denseness, the light has not flown in through there (NA) yet. Rebirthing has started here, but not taking hold, solid hold. There are pockets of it, it needs to be helped.

How to awaken the NA souls from this darkness?

"Remember where you come from. You are light and life. You have risen, ascended, you need to cultivate that and ascend higher, reach a higher vibration. You need to stay open. Meditate. Trust that the energy and flow of it is not ours to command, nor to do right, nor to do wrong, it is the light that moves, all one needs to do is to help it, to touch other humans.

Make the physical bond that is required sometimes for the energy to take birth and flow through them. It is not about what one knows or do not know, how able one is or one is not, one needs to stop doubting, because it is not to be doubted. One needs to simply be and allow it to do its work. Break the resisstance. 

We are all a part of the light, all we need to do is to believe and open. The light fills and heals all, it restores any obstacles and heals, it is not us and our minds, despite the knowledge trying to control the light, but the light is not supposed to be controlled, and it needs to flow freely. The freer it flows the more quickly it spreads and heals all that is alive. All of us linked to form one".

The unawakened have a flicker
"Those around us who have not yet awakened, the light is a flicker within them, we all have to be careful to not allow ourselves to drop in vibrations as a result of the lack of light in them. We need to be stronger and more aware, by opening to the light and allow it to flow more energetically through us, so that we can light it within them, instead of letting their energy pull us back down".

Keep raising your vibrations

"Everything is like the ocean, the flow of the tides and often we allow ourselves to flow back down to lower vibrations, we have to be more aware of this, so that we can rise up and lift them up with us ,and not sink. Because when we sink we have to heal and lift ourselves again, it is natural and it will happen ,but we have to be aware so thay we can try to brace them up with us, one step at a time, as we learn to link with one another, as we are aware of this lower ebb and we help them to raise back up. We all grow stronger and more will open and raise, and more light, love and life will flow and more healing will occur. We need the physicality of the world for we are physical and live within a physical environment, but it is not us, and we must not allow ourselves to be imprisoned in it.

Open souls, open hearts will open other hearts, will guide the way and more light will flow".

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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