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From 3D to 5D on Earth (D- Dimension)

Many of you might have come across this often spoken phrase, the world is now shifting from 4D to 5D.

I would say the world shifted with a lot of efforts from 3D to 4D and the shift to 5D is swift, quick.

What does it mean for a human, living in a 3D, 4D or 5D world?

In a 3D world , a physical reality world, where everything seen was believed in by most. A world where the physical aspects were given more value, example broadly speaking money, material possessions, status. A world where being happy was defined by these physical aspects and not by looking within, rather showing more on the outside to others had become the motto. A world where rights were taken by force , compassion was missing and considered a trait of the weak. A world where working hard to build ones life, by being selfish and sometimes putting others down was considered a survival trait. A world where fears became the motivation to fulfill ones desires. Fear of losing, fear of being a nobody.

Then came events on Earth, where few were manmade (actually this too is a universal plan seems manmade) and few by nature ( the universe) which drove one to look for something more constant, sustainable, something which is attained without self or other sabotage. There was still a balance to be established between looking within for happiness and looking out side for happiness.

Those who were able to go deeper, knew to go deeper within and stop looking on the outside, it is like a small window opened for them to the 5D world. A 5D world , those who experienced it know that it comes in flashes and goes away. These flashes although raises ones vibrations, wisdom to see a life on this physical world with an altogether different perspective. A life where things get manifested with the blink of an eye for those who have begun their journey to look within.

What is it like being in a 5D world?

In a 5D world, living a life in physical form, does not mean one is always in a 5D world from now on. Rather being in a 5D world also comes with a shift or going back to 4D and sometimes even into a 3D world for a while or even visiting a 6D or higher world's by methods known to some humans on Earth.

Now why would anyone go to 3D or 4D world once knowing how a 5D world feels like.

Answer is simple, just like the higher beings, Angels, God's lower their vibrations form the highest dimension they are in, to connect to us, to guide us, to heal us, to help us spiritually ascend. In the same manner a 5D form in a physical world meets the lower dimentional beings of 3D or 4D , so that they begin to Ascend. Sometimes in helping a lower vibrational world, a being might lose the path and slip for a while from being in a 5 D world, which is why the work within needs to be constant in ones awareness. Even if one slips into 3D or 4D world, begin to experience, think and feel like those dimensions for a while, do not resist, be in acceptance and know that it will pass.

What if I do not want to help others of lower dimensions and want to remain in 5D?

With this mindset, one has already slipped into a 3D world, where everything blissful was the main goal of a being. Being selfish, egoistical, defensive, insensitive, non compassionate are not the traits of a being of a 5 D world. Extend yourself to others as you go deeper within, keeping your intention pure. Help them raise themselves, is fastest key to your own shift.

Every being on this physical world, will relate to every other being of similar vibrations, meaning, when you are in a 5D world, you will meet more beings of the world in your physical space on Earth. When you are in a 3D world, you meet those similar to traits of a 3 dimensional beings.

Let me explain this with an example.

When a question is asked about how is the Covid situation in your country, the answer would be, it is playing it's role, is all am aware of, is a 4D to 5D thoughtline. The focus is more on the current moment, what is being experienced in this very moment

When the answer is, I am scared, worried, very anxious, don't know what the future would bring, financial crux etc etc, these thoughtlines are of a 3 dimensional being. The focus is more in the future or past, and not in the current experiencing moment.

In your life today, you will sense a lot of beings going out of touch or focus, it simply means you are shifting, either too a 4D or 5D, or regressing more into 3D world.

The only way to find out if you are in a 3D or higher dimension, is by asking yourself this one question today,

Are you aware of what you feel/sense in this very moment, or are you looking outside for answers?

Blessings and Healing! 🧡🙏🧡

"The way to raising ones vibrations to higher dimensions is WITHIN YOU..." ~Rens

Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART Founder

"Claircognizant Knowings"



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