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From the Pyramid Lights..

The Pyramid of white light

There are four pyramids around it, there is a pyramid in the center that is the source of energy.

These pyramids of white light are like a grid on this entire Galaxy where our solar system exists. It makes sure that energies which float through the Galaxy are in sync and does not interfere in any bodies function. It is like a satellite which keeps moving across galaxies.

What information have they gathered over the years, which humanity needs to know now?

"We are here to maintain the balance and it is only your willingness that will make you connect to other beings. The ask that you have is not something that we can give".

Balance of Cosmos

"The balance of the entire cosmos is very essential. This balance comes to play when there are major shifts happening, which keeps happening all the time. Let's assume that the Galaxy is stationary and there is only movement on this planet. There are many planets and spaces in this Galaxy itself that has light, and it has all expanded. The more you believe into your existence, to be infinite, you give space to connect to other beings to learn better and faster".

"The message we have come to give today is

It is time to create a balance in your life. Since so many decades humans have been talking about balance, at work, in family, within themselves, but not many have achieved it and the ones who have achieved it, do not seem to follow it."

Energies entering Earth

"The massive changes and the energies that are entering the space of Earth, needs you to see yourself from the space of balance, where you give equal priority to everything that is all aspects of your life. Then you know what you are responsible for, and what is your duty. When these things are internalized, the freedom that a human is running for, is granted, as it is a form of balance."

The balance of Freedom and Responsibility

"It is like a sea saw, when it is all freedom which is enjoyed, then there is less responsibility that is taken up and when too much responsibility is taken up, less freedom is enjoyed".

Balance not Overdo

"To live life and achieve learnings we ( humans) have come here for, this balance needs to be restored. Now each person have to get involved into their family and their work at the same time, and not overdo things either way".

Time for forced Self Reflection

"It is also the time which involves lot of self reflection, because now it is a forced self reflection. Every person is going through a major turmoil, specially the ones who did not want to move from their space (rigid, inflexible, not learning). They are now kicked out of their chairs, into the most uncomfortable positions in their lives. Even to these people, it is very essential to convey that, balance now needs to be restored."

You Intend and Paths Open

"It is not going to be easy, but if they (humans) intend, the paths will open. As you already know there are many higher beings working towards shifts the earth is facing, and have come for support to every being on this planet. All the living and non living creatures are also moving and their support is also there".

Aware and Mindful

"If today you decide to function from the side of awareness and be mindful of what you are creating in your life, the support from higher realms will be there too, as they will guide you to the path, which seems to be a rocky path, where there are chances to lose one's path from desired destination. Rest assured, that all is taken care of."

Balance inside and Outside

"The balance is not just within, but also with the other beings around you. The animal Kingdom needs your support, since so many ages, animal kingdom has given you your space. They now desire their space, at the same time your role is to live in communion with each other."

Connect with Animals

"Connect with these animals, many countries have huge places where they have kept animals. Go there, connect to them at the physical level, they have lots of messages for you. Makes friends with them".

Animal Soul contract

"These souls have come as animals in people's life, many humans in their ego believe that they are the highest being, a being that can communicate and create, but the souls that make contract at the higher realms with the mankind, are the ones as their friend, because they see the physical level work intensely with the energies of the mankind".

Animals resolve Human Karmas

"Even with the animals we find in the Zoo's, the streets or running in the yard, all of them while passing the house, listens, as they have these Divine channels constantly open to resolve, people's karmas, people's desires ,people's aspirations".

Feeding an Animal

"People who have lots of negative karmas , who are mean to others, if they get an animal or start feeding an animal around them, their negtive intentions will lower down. The negative intentions will not convert into actions that will harm others, that is the beauty of having a pet, of feeding an animal or a bird, or even an insect".

Be Compassionate.

Renuka Gupta, PhD, Founder HART

Gurjot Kaur Inter-Intra Galactic connector



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