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HART of Past Lives

HART of Past Lives

Messages for Seekers

Technique used : HART - Healing above Regression Therapy (A Psychotherapy-Spiritualistic Technique)

A client need not be present for a HART Sessions. All they need to do is ask questions by dropping an email

with questions, make a payment and wait for HART Messages given in two weeks time.

These are verbatim messages, as given by the Divine Universe/God ( or whatever you believe in), using the voice of the research Participants, connecting to them in deep meditation / trance states. No background information/history about the person in question is given to research participant, for receiving these messages, Only their first name is given. The universe knows, who is that person for whom the message is being asked. Many a times messages come for people without a question being asked for them.  These messages cannot be further explained or interpreted by me, rather your inner voices is your guidance, so do write them down.

(Please note - Articles are written and published on Public platforms on HART, keeping clients details CONFIDENTIAL, so that more people understand how it all works and benefits from it, you can also contibute anonymously in these articles, by offering a feedback about how you felt after receiving the HART Message.) 


As soon as a deep state was reached, the HART Research healer (HRH) saw this: 

"I can see a person in a white gown and on his head is a circle, on which a sort of Turban like shaped something is worn, there is a thin sword in his hands, and I see a circle of Ascendants. 

I can feel the presence of a Male, he is from a Lineage between 1600- 1700 Century".

(The Research Healer was not yet told the name or gender of the client for whom today's message was).

"He has lots of information to give us today."

Therapist - "Guidance for Aku, questions are":

Divine Messages Begins:

Therapist - Aku wants to know how many Past lives he had?

7 lives

As a Anunnaki, the golden one, what was his role? 

His role was to help people to go into their spiritual journeys, and into the spiritual realms. 

What is the purpose in this lifetime for Aku? 

He has to take 1000's of people in a direction, which will help them to find God. The people who are not able to identify the purpose for which they are born and are dissapointed and irritated with their own self , they are just waiting for HOPE.

Aku is the one who is going to bring that Hope to them. 

How is he going to do that, is there a specific technique or a modality he needs to use ? 

There is a snake on his chest and forehead, he is going to tap everyones energy from the chest and he is going to release emotions and pains. He is going to provide others the clarity and direction they need. 

There is something in his hands, through which he is going to do deep work on the Heart Chakra, the chest regions, from these spaces everything will be released. 

He wants to know why his ancestors were cursed and what is his role in reversing and stopping the effects of the curse.


In one of his lifetimes he was in Egypt ( Your next que is on Egypt Past Life , the HRH under, didn't know this. Also remember, we are our own Ancestors) he was there in the  Hierarchy System.

The ancestors were not able to do their work with Kindness and with the truth known, because of which they got cursed.  The ancestors cheated someone by lying about something, they did not choose to be Truthful and so they were cursed.  

In this lifetime Aku has to be more compassionate and kind towards everyone. Through healing and showing direction to others, he will be able to clear all Ancestral Karmas. 

Aku wants to know how his mother and father are on the other side and the message they have for him?

The mother is in peace, but the father is in Pain, he wanted to tell Aku that "By living your life in Kindness, you will be able to help me attain Peace, I have not reached my destination yet"

Aku needs to ask for forgiveness from the Universe, so that his work on Earth with others and seeking forgiveness shall help the father to reach to his ultimate moment.

His father is stuck inbetween the Earth and soul journeys, as his work was not yet finished on Earth and he died before his work could reach completion, so now the work has to be finished by his Son. 

What was Aku's role in a past life in Egypt, India and Atlantis? 

Atlantis was his ultimate destination to reach in a Past life. 

In India he was to raise awareness in people with his communications. There was a connection between these 3 places, in Egypt his Journey was unfinished, the work his father had to do in that lifetime in Egypt was incomplete, and so he took the curse from there. 

Atlantis was the destination, Where he had to reach from Egypt in the past life, but now in the current life, India is also a place where he shall be fulfilling all his dreams, by giving all his healing and kindness and offer awareness. 

Whenever he is stuck in his life, and he shall come across a memory of Atlantis, the water and the energies are going to play a miraculous role in his life. It is going to heal everything and also have  downloads (Universal messages sent) from the time of Atlantis.

There is a specific specie from that time who wants to communicate with Aku about the pains and sorrows, about the awareness on Earth, for the betterment of people. His major role is Kindness and offering Awareness. 

Any other steps Aku needs to take to attain his Divine Gifts to help with Human Ascension. 

He needs to connect with water - Sky blue color of the water. Whenever he sits, he will begin connecting  automatically and within 15 days he will see that he shall connect in seconds and the downloads will start happening, he will get a roadmap as to how he has to do healing, and what he has to do. 

There is a beautiful cave in Atlantis, which was filled with water. I can see somebody travelling there right now and giving healing energies for Aku and both of us right now, the downloads are happening on the third eye chakra of Aku in this moment. (11.39 am EST, 5th Dec the HART Session Began) 

Therapist - Beautiful. Gratitude for today. 

Blessings ! 🙏🌟

A feedback was received from the seeker ( client) after the HART Message was delivered.

Aku wrote : (Feedback)

Thanks and very accurate report. I am going through a lot of activations at the moment. Thanks again.


Blessings and Healing 🙏❤️


HRH - HART Research Healer - Payalz Kapoor, People Messenger.

Website of HART Founder, Healer and Author

If you want a HART Session :


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