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How a HART Session works

Therapist selects Research particpants who go into deep level of trance and connects to other universal beings and brings the messages for humans, animals, visible, invisible beings and also for Earth as a whole.

Below are sample messages relayed by one of the HART Research Participant, who is known as "The People Messenger". Payal Kapoor brings messages for all humans which are direct, unfiltered, so far she has guided many human beings and also animals who need guidance and healing.

Note- Predictions about future are not written in stone, as reality shifts every milli second on the basis of the path we each take in Life. What is predicted can be Preponed, Postponed or completely removed from one's Life as per the steps we take in Life after receiving the message.

How a *HART Session works* -

Messages for client

These are verbatim messages, as given by the Divine/God, using the voice of the research Participants, connecting to them in deep meditation / trance states. No background information about the person is given to research participant, for receiving these messages, Only their first name is given. The universe knows, who is that person for whom the message is being asked. These messages cannot be further explained or interpreted by me.

Case 1 Message for Dani (not original name for confidentiality purposes) Therapist - Guidance for Dani, she has a feeling of not being loved.

Divine speaks "She's a cheerful girl but deep inside she's all alone. She has a strong feeling that she's all alone although she's surrounded by so many people.

She needs to work on herself on her confidence level for which you have to help her now. She's not able to completely open her eyes and see that she actually has everyone".

Therapist - Where does this feeling of being alone come in her, although she has people around her?

"It has come from her mother while she was in her womb".

Therapist - What happened when she was in her mother's womb?

"Throughout the pregnancy the mother was all alone, she didn't get the love and attention, and while being in her womb this is the feeling Dani has been carrying till now.

You have to give her therapy, 4 session so that she can release the feelings of loneliness within her."

"Tell her to wear a Rose Quartz pendant which reaches right up to her heart, give her the feeling of love within her.

Blessings and Healing.

Case 2 Message for Ray (not original name)

"He has to do something creative, creative Spirituality. He has his own way of expressing things. He will go way higher, presently he has to balance between mixture of creativity and spirituality. He will be a very good speaker spreading knowledge about spirituality. Creativity is the tool for him".

Therapist - describe creativity?

"He has a way of speaking in which it pleases everybody and it goes directly into the heart, and people love to follow as for the guidance he gives. He can explain any technical or knowledgeable thing in such a manner that it directly goes into the heart of a person".

The universe wants him to work for it blessings."

*Case 3*

Therapist - Guidance for Tri

Divine speaks - " She has already discovered her essence, however she chooses not to operate from that space. She needs to trust her intuitions and work with what is told in our heart and not in our mind. she's trying to be a very logical person so that the world accepts her, as a work involves a lot of analysis and deduction to which she is constantly guided by her higher self but she chooses to operate only at a physical level disregarding this message. She needs to be reconnected to her higher self, needs to be asked to meditate in the space with golden energies, which will help her to reset her button and it will help her to balance her own body, then the connection between her existence on Earth and her purpose will be established. she is here to support a lot of significant others around her but by being logical she's falling short with the kind of support she can provide them. Support needs to grow in the workplace, in her community and even in her family including her own siblings which she tries to stay away from. Not processing on her purpose and so there is also a disconnect with her higher self , she's flowing against the current. She just needs to turn the ways and she will be on the path. She has to do exactly the opposite of what she's doing right now."( Listen to the heart)

Message ends.

*Case 4*

Therapist - What is the guidance for Binny's inlaws life ahead and Health?

"They have a painful journey, their Karmas will show up now. They need to get their healing done (names of healers given), so that their Karmic debts gets over, otherwise they will have a miserable life ahead."

Therapist - How is their health?

"It is not good, especially the MIL's health. Time left for both in Earth's time, 5 years for MIL and 10 for FIL but it will depend on their Karmic imbalances.

They have past life Karmas, they troubled a female to the highest extense in a past life. Her curse is impacting them. They have to get the clearing done, so that they can have a normal life. MIL has a smiling face but has lot of pain in the heart.

They both need to meditate a lot. There is a streak of cruelity in FIL. Meditation is the key for both of them".

Case 5


Gratitude for Healers who are a part of HART, and help many people by offering them guidance for their life and Soul Path. 🙏🏻


Therapist - Raya needs guidance, how should she proceed with her Life from now on

Divine Speaks - "Till the time, she doesn't respect herself she will not reach anywhere in Life. Constant universal messages are flowing to her and she is not able to accept them, she is trying to change the destiny. Now the time has come when she has to accept it.

She has a beautiful ahead, but till the time she will not accept the messages, she will not have this beautiful life.

Her heart is full of pain. Renuka tell her to meditate, so that her pain can be released. This is the best time of releasing the pain of all Karmic accounts".

Why is she in Pain?

"It is due to the husband. Deep pain , and the mind has stopped thinking. She feels like ending herself. Tell her, her journey is not over, otherwise she will have a miserable life and may do something. We are sending lots of Blessings and Healing to her".

Therapist - How should she be with her bother?

"Now she has to be independent, she has to work and live separately, she has to live in a smaller area and then start her life. The sorrows will go away and she will have a beautiful, happy life ahead. The decision has to be taken now. We are giving her lot of courage to do that".

Therapist - She cannot help her brother?

"She can help, but first she has to think about herself. Roght now the time is yo focus on herself."

Therapist - Gratitude. Message ends.

Case 6

Therapist - Guidance for Sam

Divine speaks - "He has to listen to his own self, instead of listening to others. He does what people like. He doesn't respect his own self, he needs to learn to give importance to his own self now, then things will open up for him.

Very soon huge changes are going to come for him, in the coming two months, all of a sudden he will change and learn to care about his own self."

Therapist - Why has he been listening more to other people than himself?

"He is trying to please everyone, as he thinks it will make him popular and happy. All the shifts will soon be seen in him in the upcoming two months".

Message ends.

Case 7

*A HART SESSION - Original name is changed for confidentiality*

A Psychospiritual approach

Therapist - Any Health Life, Career Guidance for Lana ?

"Her health is not good. Her blood pressure is rising and she is unaware of it. Some stress is moving inside her.

She has to work on her heart Chakra, she has to do meditation for 21 days, so some of it can release. She has to urgently get herself checked completely ,her blood levels, there is something wrong.

She has to take care of herself first, health issues are alarming. She needs to eat a lot of fruits. Any pink colored fruit, example Pink Guava. She has to do 21 day meditation, fruits and lot of warm water intake which will ease the blood flow and circulations in her body. It will rebalance her health".

"She is used to be in a pool of dirt of her own doings, these things cannot be traced to this life, but another lifetime. She wanted these experiences to land at this particular time of her life, for her to have a collective view of her life she needs to practice more forgiveness for her own self and with all the others who she feels have wronged her.

Forgiveness should be the mantra of her life and that will help her come out of all the struggles that is more innate, happening inside her and the reflection which is created outside of her , is just a miniscule of it. There is a lot which needs to be vented out through her sole of her feet. Whenever she is in the process of forgiveness, she needs to place her feet on the ground, so that all the releases happen at that time through her feet".

Therapist - What is her soul purpose, why did she bring all that filth within her in this lifetime?

"Her purpose of this Life to bring all that filth is, to not carry it forward to any other life time. Her soul purpose is to end all her cycles in this time. There have been many baggages piled up, after a long time and those are being addressed now, she just needs to let them be off her chest to receive more Love in her life, as this is one area of her struggle in this Life".

Therapist - Is this her last life on earth?

"No there are more lifetimes left, but these baggages are not supposed to be carried further in any of her lifetimes left. It is what her soul has decided.

The way to look at all this in this life, is to experience the bliss of the challenges coming ahead instead of seeing it all for its wrongness and everything will smoothly come to its conculsions."

Therapist - Any career path she can go for?

"Career is where she can use more technology and be in communication with other human beings, it will help her expand her horizons.

Message ends.

Case 8

Therapist - Message for Diana, who lost her husband and have kids, she wants to know how her husband is and any message and guidance for her.

Divine "Her husbands soul is still revolving in the Earth's plane, he is upset that his death has not been taken well. He is also worried about his wife, he can see that the children have their own path and that does not worry him, but the constant worries about his wife, is what is making him stay on this sphere of the Earth.

Diana needs to be told, that she is strong enough to deal with the present situation. If she takes up each day as a new lesson to be learnt from, life will not seem to be that difficult. The physical disconnect that she has been facing, she will have to come to terms with it. At the moment there is nobody who can fulfill that part in her life. She needs to take the support of her kids, in order to work fine in the present situation. It is the strength of her kids, that will make her feel better. Her life is going to dynamically change, this is something she has asked for, a shift in life, although she never imagined the shift is going to be like this. If she trusts herself, her knowings the first thing that comes to her, is her answer. If she works from this space, she will automatically find the paths opening up for herm but if she chooses her old patterns of working with a lot of logic and rationality, she might fall into a pit. Everything is fine, as she has brighter days to come forth, only if she works from the space of her heart."

Therapist - I want the husband to take the Journey further to the soul world, the message will reach Diana. It is time for him to move on.

"He is thanking you for creating a passage and hearing him out."

Therapist - Blessing his soul, for the further beautiful journeys.

Message ends..

Case 9

For confidentiality name of the original client is not used.

Therapist - Guidance for Kat for life, Relationship and intimacy issues

Divine God - "She has to be particular with herself, she just flows in the relationships, she has to ask for self worth. Emotional connections in the relationship troubles her. She cannot have an emotional connection woth everyone, she has to ask herself, and the first answer, is the path she needs to follow.

She feels, what she is searching within, she will get from others. She is lost within herself, she has to ground herself. She is in a wrong relationship. She doesn't trust herself, so these things are happening to her. She gives her charge to somebody else and so encounters same situations which troubles her. It will keep occuring, till she doesn't put a stop to this. She wants love, but she doesn't love her, and so this is happening to her.

Tell her to wear more pink colored clothes, which will enhance her love towards herself, her self respect, and she will get lots of emotional support. We are placing a pink crystal, rose quartz on her, so that she gets aligned to it (energy healing by the universe).

Wonderful, thank you for healing her with the crystals.

Kat has some perspective about her life, the shoulds and should nots have over powered her own intelligence. She needs to remove all these rigid - should and should nots and create a space wherein, relationships grow. She has already filled it up with a lot of expectations, judgments and she is even concluded how a person would behave, if he is in a relationsip with her. She needs to get out of these barriers which she has created, and then it will be very easy for her to receive love, kindness, compassion and care which she is looking for.

She believes that she cares for everybody from the core of her heart which is absolutely true, and she also wishes to receive in this same manner for herself. She is confining herself into her own perspectives and knocking herself into her jails. When she let goes of these locks, of this jail, which she has put herself into, and she opens it up and frees herself, the universe has much more to offer to her and will then have people ready to show up in her life, as they have (Soul) contracts with her, but it is these barriers which are not letting them enter her life. She needs to specifically work with her expectations on how a person needs to be with her sepcifically. Renuka she is ready to clear this shift, but there are these last doors that needs to break free, literally have to shatter them, this work needs to be done. And once these mirrors that she has around her in which she is seeing herself again, the locks will break and she will have more beautiful people entering and helping her. Even her relationships with her present people will have a new definition. She will not feel so claustrophobic in that relationship.

Lot of blessings to her"

Message ends...

Case 10

Message for Countries, Earth

As per the HART Message given out in Jan 2020. Lebanon as a country fate 👇🏻

*Therapist - Which are the places in Asia where destruction will take place?*

"Iraq, Iran, Korea, India, Singapore, Algeria, *Lebanon*, Israel, beware of israel the turmoil will grow in israel. The rigidity of Islam, Anger. Humanity selfishly uses religion in many forms to commit atrocities, nothing of that has to do with life. Nothing has to do with a will of god. The energies (higher beings) have had enough of the killing of the washing of people, the stupidity the anger, the killing of souls, the sheer stupidity of all, it is like a fleash, wounded, porous. It needs to be cut out for the rest to survive.

Re-Read full article in the link below

Case 11

Relayed by Gurjot Kaur who is an Inter-Intra galactic connector, another research particpant, articles on my Blog page are her contributions along with other research participants. Gurjot also brings messages for all beings.


*Sharing another HART Session*

Grandparents (Aji-Ajoba as addressed in Marathi Language) came as messengers:

"It is a blissful state, away from the drama of birth (Moksh)

"We are all in the same soul group. So the meetings happen every night".

Therapist - What are these meetings about?

"It is a collective learning process, each soul takes up a charge of learning certain aspect, of completing a certain task of balancing and when the meetings happen all of it is communicated and it becomes a part of every *soul's blue print*, because they all together, walk through this journey of Life on your planet."

"A soul group when it comes together, the collective learning is communicated to others of different dimensions. There is a higher collective consciousness that comes together, which connects them all throughout the galaxies, throughout the energy fields and even through different dimensions.

When you see that life is only happening on this planet, and the learning is only yours, then you need to think again, from a broader perspective, it is a contribution to everybody"


Therapist and Founder of HART - Renuka Gupta People Messenger - Payal Kapoor

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