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How is Earth maintaining equilibrium? What is your role in it?

Purpose of the Presence of all three together

We come here together to show you that all the difficulties that you have been facing, seeing, whether it is at your worldly level or the level of your family or your own self. It is time for it to ease out. We come here as hope for the ones who have lost Hope. We come here to bless, we come here to enlighten each of your questions so that you have a clearer path to work upon. We come here to let go of the smoke of darkness from the Earth's plane. We come here to take care of you and to guide you for your highest purposes.

The energies that are going to flow from this month onwards, rather it has already started flowing in, it is creating a lot of changes in the way you think about your selves and your Life. You might be facing challenges from the nearest relationships, for a lot of adults, it is their children questioning the reality. Questioning those parts of their personality that you have been blinded to. Pay attention to these souls who have been trying to help you. It is for your own good. When we see the world, there is manipulation, there is hurt, there is politics, but in all of this, there is a path that is walking towards the understanding of where you stand in this world now. Natural calamities are happening all around, agitations are happening, but at the same time, there has been a lot of Light that has been spreading. Many that have been hidden are now surfacing, at the same time many people who have come up, rather than who have raised their vibrations are there to provide help while working with the cosmic changes. This is the best time to be on Earth. So if you feel that you are suffering, you actually are not doing that, you are just being a part of this change, that each being was asking for many many ages. It is time for you to look deeper into the contributions of all your ancestors, all the people who worked towards building who you are today. It is time for women to shine brighter in this world of unnecessary overvalued masculinity. Each one, whether it is a man or woman, needs to connect to their inner selves and balance, their masculine and feminine energies to create an equilibrium for the earth to function.

The challenges that you are facing are just helping you create this equilibrium. There is a new set of atmospheric changes, which was predicted two years back are now settling in each country, each region is facing a change in their soil, in the air that they breathe and even in the plants, this is because the Earth's soil has now got rejuvenated and it is now going to function in a way different manner that the history has ever know. The time of Kalayuga is also coming to an End, and a shift into better civilization has already begun, we come here to assure you that whatever you want in your life is right there, around you, you just need to change your perspective and see the goodness that you are living in. Even the ones who are on the streets, trying to fend for food, even their lives have changed a lot, there have been many support systems, working towards their well being and hence the world is becoming easier happier and if you in this entire process is unhappy, it is time to look within and change your perspective, in the idea about the way you view your life.

Life has a way deeper meaning than running behind your goals, achieving materialistic goodness. Life is all about these wonderful exchanges of experiences with one another, and as you have now been practicing to judge the other person less, the more your soul is being uplifted and the karmas are being shed. Again keep your ego in check, when you are shedding these karmas, there is a tendency that you would like to see yourselves, from the eyes of some superior being, that is not what a higher vibrational person does.

The more humility you have, the more you share with others, which makes you a pure Soul with a beautiful body.

Many who read our articles think that what is so practical in, this is all about some philosophy that these people follow. To all the over-analytical and practical people out there whose focus is just to gain, we would want you to draw your attention to your bodies. With your over-analytical mind, your body has been the sufferer. With your bodies, it is your children who are also suffering. If you want practical answers to these images that we show to you, you need to pay attention to your own surrounding and the type of interactions that takes place around you. These interactions have changed, there have been bosses who have become comparatively lenient. There is a workload but now at the same time, there is a lot of consideration if asked for. Your lifestyles have changed when you have reached your homes and your family members and you can stay with them. Your mode of communication has started producing fewer pollutions, and you and your body receive more rest, adjustment takes some time, but all is much better in this world than was ever before.

We leave the space open for more questions...

The equilibrium, the balance, how is it different at a universal level as soul energy and a human level on Earth.

What is the importance and purpose of this equilibrium?

The equilibrium in the universe is just a form of energy, wherever there is something heavier, the other side balances it by creating and also destroying something from the heavier side. The universe always has to function by keeping everything together, if there is a.movement in one galaxy, it has to move the others as well, as everything is in coordination with each other, there is a rhythm in the universe.

The same rhythm has to be maintained in different spheres, though it is also to be maintained on Earth. Earth's timeline is a little slower. And so you experience everything at a very high intensity, however from where we see, the creation and Destruction is happening in micro milliseconds, it is just that the way you experience it, it becomes more prominent.

Could you describe at this moment, during our session with us, what is being created and destroyed?

As we connect to you, there is a flow of energy into the earth, which is balancing the darker energies on the earth. There is a sense of achievement once the words move out, for some there is also a destruction of Ego for some, this is how the balance is created. The more people will shine and rise into the brighter side of their Existence, it will become easier for others to follow and that following means there is the destruction of the darker side. As we talk the world is going through a massive shift. There is some turmoil in the oceans wherein the species which are corrupted due to the thought processes of each being on this planet, are being destroyed, there are ships in the seas which will not sail further in their lifetime and the scrap from that ship would be used to build the house of a person who has less money.

This is how the equilibrium is being maintained.

There is also another purpose why we showed up today, it is to increase the sense of power, love, and Prosperity in all beings and as the sense developed, the sense of lack of injustice and deprivation moved away and there is much higher hope of a brighter sun tomorrow.

Inner child explained

It is that part of you that always seeks attention, wants to be loved as it wants to feel the love in its unique ways, it is that part of your existence that is still looking for acceptance. So whoever feels that there is an inner child disturbed, needs to look inside them as to what part of their Existence is still in denial, once they start doing this, the child becomes one with you, and there is no disparity at all.

Is there always a need for someone on the earth to open a connection for the light the blessings to reach the darkness and clear the darkness of the earth?

There is a purpose for each soul on this planet. The ones who are opening these channels were supposed to do it, and so they become so efficient that they can channel these energies on Earth. The earth itself also works, but each being on this planet also has a purpose. It is not only the human beings but also the animals who take charge, it is also the huge terrains, the structure of the earth that takes charge. It is also the skies that take charge, as well as the little insects plants, birds. Visible and invisible creatures who cannot be seen with naked eyes have a purpose and all of them are light-bearers, and these channels are equal and prominent and are to be opened at specific times on Earth. Hence these enlightened beings take birth at this time, when they are supposed to open these channels here, once these channels are open the energies keep flowing in.

So if every being is a light being, what happens on Earth to make it dark?

To create a shift, the darkness has to rise, there has to be the overconsumption of something that leads to a change, otherwise, everybody will keep functioning similarly and the purpose of creating this life, this space here will have no purpose, as each will just be flowing in the rhythm, taking birth, dying, and not being able to achieve their ultimate purpose of the lessons they have come here to learn and hence there is a rise in the darkness and some eras there is a rise in light, and this is how it continues.

Renuka Gupta, Founder of HART

Gurjot Kaur Chandan (Inter-Intra Galactic Connector)



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