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If #Universe is #Powerful, why do people who harm others still walk on #Earth ?

Anonymous asked: The first video i.e about .. Universe is powerful replied the better way

Though the question remains ...if bad people...will they vanish ..if all are awakened ?

Renuka Ans🙌🏻: Karmically wrong people do not get sound sleep unless they have sleeping aids...

They have excess or low sleep...

Our consciousness never dies, no matter how strong our conscious mind is in a human body.

But the second Video topic my opinion not that satisfactory or pacifying ....!

Even the karmically wrong person do get sleep and the others do not ...

That reply is given in a very simpler method.

That way...i do believe in last birth's karma theory somewhat.

Renuka Ans - The people who you are talking about, had good Karmas in previous (Past) lives, but in this Life do wrong Karmas, are actually higher souls, who are born to challenge, earthlings. Their soul come with the purpose to challenge for people to wake up to their soul purpose,and so IN AWARENESS, without losing oneself, does the bad karmas.

But Most humans walking the Earth, who do wrong Karma, ,do so with an intention of harm due to Cravings and they do not Sleep well at all. 😊🙏🏻

Blessings !


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