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Is there another you on Planet?

Topic: How souls exist in different Dimensions. Why do they split into parts? Planets like Sirius and Life on Mars. While Nasa is still trying to find Life on Mars, we bring you the information, by connecting to the universe at a deeper level, Something which Science conducted by humans on earth, will take eras to understand, as earth is still going towards the 5th Dimension.

This Article also has correlations to the Life of Therapist, while the Research Participant in deep trance connects to the universe to share about different Soul Parts.

Soul Journey of the Inter-Intra galactic Connector

“My soul has been split into five energetic parts, each part contributing differently in this universe. My soul is still attached to the larger soul group, the community of the souls who keep contributing with each other.

There is a soul on the earth who is taking this journey to see what is the Central part of my Being is doing at the moment. The central part of the being is just settled, in stillness. The stillness is also expansive in nature, it is only still from the outside, but as I look deeper and try to touch this Being, I see huge movements happening inside. It looks like massive structure like huge machinery which is constantly at work, making sense of everything that is coming its way. As I look beyond how the energy is being transmuted into these five areas rather smaller spaces in the universe, I first connect to my own self on the planet Earth. I have an overview of the Life that is going to come forth. I can see the journey, how it is moving, as it is supposed to be moved. I see the trajectory very clearly, also I am more curious to go beyond the others. I have my guides with me, I have Arch Angel Raphael, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Metatron who are there as my support. I also see some Masters, they are not familiar to me, but I can derive a sense of strength from them. They are here so that I can go beyond this aspect of my Life.”

Therapist- (T)- Wonderful, Go ahead

Life on Star Sirius

“I am on another planet, taking a parallel life, not parallel to the earth, but this is something different. I see very tall huge beings, it looks like planet Sirius, it is a star it seems. The beings are very tall, intellectual, very clear with their own minds, they seem to be emotionally very stable unlike how humans are. There is a different way of transaction over here, without the money involved, nor there is a barter system. They work energetically, they have a sense about, how much energy is contributed by one person, similarly the other one will contribute and the ones who do not get the opportunity to contribute back, will contribute for the time to come. They have this unmoving faith in the balance of the universe, that balance will be restored at every point in their life. They are the ones who do not carry anything beyond, so there are no Karmic debts, everything is balanced here right now. There is more peace and pleasure, if there is sadness it has been completely derived to understand what it is or from where it began. They are not only the contributors of the Planet Sirius, but they also manage some other galactic movements, it is the advancement of their own science is how they see.

The Golden Beings

They interact very closely with the Golden beings of Light of another Planet. The golden beings of light leave their planet and visit their members like a unit. It is like a home away from home for them, and it is amazing. They have also worked with the people of this Planet, rather it is a Star, like a Sun, very peaceful, not as hot as we perceive Sun on earth. This Star is at a very late stage of its life, but not in the verge of extinction because it has found its balance”.

T- Does your soul part over there, know the existence of your soul on earth ?

“Yes very much, my soul over there is my medium to connect to golden beings of Light. The awareness that I get on earth, the visions that I have as a human for other people when I meet them, and the trajectory of their life is very clear in my mind, is because I get a lot of guidance from my part of the soul on Sirius.”

(The Research Participant has several times connected to Golden Beings of Light in the past HART Sessions, you can find those articles on the website. Today we came to know, why the connection to Golden beings was so consistent).

T- When do you meet as Soul parts?

“In a lot of HART sessions, there is an interaction which is not registered by my conscious human brain, but there is a transmutation of information, I meet the soul of mine when I am off to sleep and lately a lot of dreams that I have been having, which I feel is not a part of the earth is my participation in some other planet with the help of my earth part of the soul.

These five parts of my soul are working so that there is a vibrational shift at the center part, the original.”

Central Part of the Soul and Soul Splitting

T- Where is the Central part?

“It is located in the soul group, in the universe, way beyond our understanding.”

T - Is everyone’s soul divided into five parts?

“Not really, mine is. Yours (Therapist) is in eleven parts”.

T- How do these divisions take place?

“These divisions take place as per the requirement, the soul can even split further, for example mine is in five parts, it can even get sub-divided if there is a requirement. So there will be another birth in some part of this universe, if an experience from that zone is required for that collective growth.

Yours (Therapist) is in eleven parts, and soon is going to reduce in five parts. Then in the coming four years, it is going to expand to twelve parts again. The moment it expands to more parts, you have a lot of download of universal information, and when it reduces to smaller parts, it is a time for rest, so there is a lull period, where you are making sense of the information that has been downloaded in the past and your work is to contribute it to further beings.

These parts of the soul which gets diminished quickly and expands very fast, are the ones who do not take longer lifetimes. They even go to places in the universe where the lifetimes are for a day, for a year and so on. The shorter lifetimes helps to gain a lot of information of those zones which contribute to major parts of the souls that are taking longer journeys. Interestingly very few beings are aware that such visions take place. It is the collective understanding which helps one grow.”

Life on Mars

T - Which are the other planets or dimensions where Gurjot’s soul is divided into parts, apart from Sirius?

“I am on the same Solar System on Mars, we are not visible to the human eye. I get a lot of sense of my structural understanding, my ways of life, the discipline from that particular planet. The part of my soul which is on Mars is very disciplined. We on mars love to harness our anger, because the way the solar system was divided, we were the ones who had to fight a lot with extra terrestrial objects and beings for our survival. So we harness anger, and a lot of it is being transmuted to my part on earth.

The stronger part of my soul which is there on Sirius on ‘Ulka’ are the ones who are very stable and balanced, and when I shift my energies to source the stability, the energies from those two soul parts comes to me, which helps me direct my anger out. It is interesting to note, although the planets are rotating so closely around the Sun, we still do not identity with each other’s soul life part. The goals in each life of these soul parts are different.

Another part of my soul works as a guide to the ones, who stay under water. There is a Golden temple which floats on water, on this planet (name not provided), and I am a priestess there, guiding the ones staying under the water, as there is a lot of purity and transparency, in the ways that they work, and the way in which they communicate and live their lives. My role is to help them keep their purity. In the coming 15 years on that planet, which is like 30 years on earth, there is going to be some sort of malpractice and in that time, my soul is required to source Information , Love, Peace from the other parts of my soul, so that I can channel it over there.”


T- Where is the last other part of your soul apart from one on earth?

“It is in one of the Blackholes.

T- The Nothingness? (refer to my earlier Articles)

“Yes, the energies are not visible, I cannot see beyond it, I am not allowed at the moment.”

T- Is there a purpose for that Soul Part in a Blackhole?

“Yes there is, to be completely consumed and not consumed at the same time. To be non-existential but at the same time existing in some form, which cannot be perceived from this point in time, from where I see.”

More details about the Therapist Soul Parts:

Island in Philippines on Earth

T- The eleven Parts of mine (therapist), where are they existing? How many are on Earth itself or on other dimensions?

“There are five parts of your soul, which are existing in the eleventh Dimension, there are two who are still around you on earth, working like you ( healers), not very visible to the world ( I too like to not market myself so much), but at the same time doing their best. One soul that is on earth is staying on an Island, in Philippines healing through physical beings.

A lot of people who go to that part of your soul on earth, are completely healed from any Life threatening disease. It is a woman, she looks like you, but more a Philippine look, slender body, not married, but takes care of a lot of children that are under her. (after I came to west, many people here though I am from Philippines)

She has an ancestral property and the forefathers and the foremothers used to heal the communities, she has carried on that work. There you have a sister and a brother, although they do not stay near you.”

(In this lifetime my mother (Aai) who taught me herbs and other Plant based medication, Acupressure for healing body and Mind, apart from her teaching me, I also read a lot of books on it, to be having very sound knowledge to give to others who are in need. Most of the information comes to me spontaneously without trying hard to remember, now it makes sense, from where it comes, it is this part of my Soul)

Dolphin Soul

“The other part of your soul is on earth, is under water, you are a Dolphin, you are quite an old Dolphin, and a very happy one. The understanding of nature, of how the cosmic shifts are happening, and how the environment on the earth are changing, all this knowledge comes from the Dolphin part of your soul. The unusual movements in the sky, which you had seen in the previous two years. The magic of the shifts in the cosmos in the energy levels of the earth, are directly transmuted to the animals and this is the part of you, which communicate with you here.

(I have always loved Dolphins since I was a child, and even my recent experiences with nature, to understand it differently, predicting the rains etc , this knowledge comes from this part of the soul).

Crystal beings

There is a part of the Soul that works with Crystal beings, helping the process of crystallization, making sure that all the places in the universe which has crystals in it, crystallization happens properly. That lifetime of yours is very technical, very mechanical, very structured and organized, they do not have the concept of emotions, they purely connect with the energies and very scientific in nature. There is no past and future but only the present.”

(Although having studies in Clinical Psychology, since 2016, I slowly found myself driven towards the knowledge of crystals, if I look back I do not even know how it all began for me. If someone said to me 10 years back, Crystals heal your mind and body, I would be like, they are just stones in nature, I don’t think so, but recent years have shown me the interaction of crystals to human mind and body, many of those messages came through HART sessions. At the moment, I am able to sense the energies of crystals, to know if it needs cleansing, or it is not for me to wear on myself or keep in my environment).

A soul part with Arch Angel Metatron

Another part of your soul works with the team of Metatron, making sure that the solar system in this galaxy, and other solar systems of the galaxy where our solar system is stationed, works properly. The gravitational pull between each other is maintained, you help in creation of a new star, and a destruction of one. You make sure that no movement in this particular galaxy acts as a danger to another galaxy. You also make sure that the waste a particular solar system is producing, is destroyed constructively into a form of energy which starts contributing, instead of acting like destruction.

(I have always feel connected to Arch angel Michael and especially Arch Angel Metatron, whom I have known through HART sessions to work with geometrical designs to heal the body of a human being, whenever a client needs healing of the body illness, I remember Arch Angel Metatron, and request to heal the body of the client.)

Akashic records

There is another part of your soul, that works in managing other souls, you work with Chitragupt, the Akashic records (Lord Chitragupta is the secretive and mysterious 'Keeper of Deeds' who maintains the Akashic Records). That is all that they are showing.”

(As a human consciously, I am not aware if I get information about a person from Akashic records or just randomly, I come to know about a person in split seconds due to education or being a claircognizant or a clairsentient. Probably, it is the Akashic record which are accessed by my soul part, which passes on the information consciously to my human mind in this Life).

Why Do we Split as Soul Parts?

T - Which part of our soul decided to take birth by spitting into parts across dimensions?

“When there is a crises that is not being dealt by any other part of the soul, and the question is very potent for the soul to seek answers for, there are beings of light which come for rescue and suggest which trajectory to follow and so there is a creation and a destruction at the same time.
As we see from the earth’s plane that, it is only death that takes you ahead, that is the end of life, or there is a Heaven or a Hell, it is practically not that simple, but a lot more and beyond.

Even if certain parts of your soul decides to go to Hell, which are actually the Lower Vibrational planets, there are still other parts of your soul who are in the higher zones of vibrations, and it is the push and pull between these two that creates a sense of achievement for the soul, this achievement is not about victory, but Knowledge.”

(Lower Vibrational Planets can be explained, like few countries on earth, which have poverty, wars, violence, terrorism, in comparison to other countries. So in a lower Vibrational planet, consider such few countries, having more issues within them)

Oneness as SOULS

“Even if you look around, even when they talk about the soul groups and then there is a larger group that you belong to, it is all and all, One. You and me are one. Even now as I see the 5 parts of mine and 11 parts of yours here and there, we are ultimately one, just smaller units taking smaller projects in hand and working towards it and further sub division of these smaller projects.”

T- Is it necessary to divide?

No it isn’t.

T- How many souls have chosen to be non-existent and stopped the divisions?

“Many, we are just One.”

Purpose of pain and Illness on earth

T- On earth the illness in the body, for example in my case, the migraine, why has the body particularly chosen that, for which knowledge?

“It is a physical manifestation of the work that you do, you have been guided on this earlier as well. It is going to be there for a few more years, not more than five, it is on the verge of leaving your system, and so it is occurring more frequently, as its work is over. These aches and pains in your body makes you more grounded (a healer has to be a part of the physical experience, to work with pain), as you do not experience any other thing like the (Clair) senses on the planet. It is only through pain that you are more grounded, otherwise the purpose you have come for will be lost, and you will be disillusioned and detached from earth’s energy. (It is true, in my Journey of Life, in many situations where people end up feeling extremely distressed, I might seem detached, and I work with detachment to heal others in distress, it is like an autopilot self).

T - The Five parts Gurjot’s soul group, Bless her for today and heal what is to be healed.

“Already working on it.”

T - Anything else which is needed to be known, or for today this is the knowledge which was to be shared among us on earth.

“Blessings for all” !

T - Sending back all the blessings to the entire universe, the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown, Gratitude for today.

Till one has cravings, even if it is a quest for knowledge, we will keep existing in one dimension or the other, in one form or the other. The Blackhole will keep expanding and contracting, till the Cravings Exist in each energy part of us split in various spaces....

We are One, We began from One, Split to many, now the question is,

Is it time to become One Energy, Go back to Nothingness ? - Rens

Inter-Intra Galactic Connector Gurjot Kaur

HART Founder – Renuka Gupta

Extra information on google:


(Sirius appears bright because of its intrinsic luminosity and its proximity to the Solar System. Sirius might be called a rainbow star, as it often flickers with many colors. The flickering colors are especially easy to notice when you spot Sirius low in the sky.)


(Ulka Yogini Dasha - Ulka Yogini Dasha in Astrology. ... Ulka Dasha is related to Saturn. A person needs to struggle in life during this period. A person may also be very aggressive. Due to the association with Saturn, scholars believe that natives experience physical pain and mental instability in Ulka Yogini Dasha.)


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