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Jungle speaks and Lemurians message for Earth Beings

Messages spoken through a seeker (client) in deep trance using HART Technique.

1. The Talking trees and plants

"Late 1800 , A place deep into the Jungle. Where most of the time it is dark, the sun rays does not enter. There are plants and trees that talk. The Jungle still exists during this time, humans are aware of it, the layers of the plants habe become thick, so they do not communicate any more with humans".

(If googled, it seems the Jungle on earth is currently called as Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Srilanka)

2. "A white space, a mountain named Mount shashta, there are beings of light, called Lemurians".

The Lemurians spoke for earthlings -

"We will be connecting to the earth in our true form, we will open the doors of the learnings of our civilization,

Many have tried to connect with us, many have become successful, as we want them to know about us. We are passing the informations during this time on earth. We are changing the DNA, of all the beings, all the humans that are wanting to progress, who are wanting to evolve this beautiful earth. We are in immense love with this mankind as it is showing all the possible signs of growing, of developing, of ascending. Many are in search of their true self. Many are now invovled in looking inside their own beings. There is a lot of awareness , this awareness makes it possible for us to connect with so many living human kind.

It is a time to release all the patterns that have ever been a part of their suffering. The suffering soon will transform itself into a brighter beautiful morning for each one of them.

We are turning the pain that is being released in this space, turning it into love, turning it into calmness, turning it into peace and consideration for each other on this planet".

(As googled- Mount Shasta (also known as Mount Shasta City) is a city in Siskiyou County, California

The most popular of these theories surrounding Shasta are regarding Lemurians living in the mountain.)

Message for Therapist - "We all love you and are grateful for all the work that you - Renuka are doing, that is contributing even in our development. We will all be connecting to you in the coming year".

3. Message for Mankind

"All is well with earth, we're all having a fun time here, as the releases are getting intensified. We are waiting for a newer space energy of this earth into current existence. we're happy that everyone of you is working towards it. The intensities (shifts in energies causing a turbulence) will increase in the coming 3 to 5 days. But all will find its way out.

Pray on the eve of Christmas as it is a holy day, and a lot of prayers are offered. Pray for the well being, pray for love, joy of every molecule of every atom on earth and see how it blossoms". 

Healing and Blessings

Renuka Gupta, Phd 



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