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Letting go....

Trance using the HART Method

Topics of this Article are - 

Energy Shifts, Karmas and Letting go, Purpose, Love, Attachment, power lies within

"The energy shifts are inevitable as the vibrations raise higher, the old karmas would surface because it needs to be gotten rid of. As the karmas are done and detached from everyone, the soul is able to rise higher and become the true self in order to fulfil the purpose on earth. 

All must meditate and put focus on trusting unconditionally. 

Ask oneself, what is making one upset? Where is it originating from? What thoughts  come, when pain is focused on ?, and then let it go....

This will speed up the process of letting go all the Karmas. All Karmas cannot be released all in one go, otherwise one wouldn't last in this body.

For many of us, there is a lot of work to do to fulfil ones purpose before completing this Journey. 

To evolve spiritually one must learn to love without attachment. Attachment is what restricts us from becoming what one truly is. Once the attachment is gone, there is only freedom, freedom to love. 

Freedom in a way that is uncomprehendable but only felt within the heart. Every soul deserves the best, and to get to that point, one must know that attachment will always block that road. 

Ones true power lies within oneself, not due to an attachment or partnership with anyone else. 

Healing to all !

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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