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Life of a Soul

"Am with all the universal beings.

It is like a family, a huge family who stays together without any conflict. There are different groups inside, talking about different aspects of the universe and of life on different planes. Some of them are passing wisdom to others, what they had collected and received while they lived a life, while others are just discussing.

Mother Angels

Am with a group of Angels who helps Mothers. These angels are called 'Mother Angels'. They are sitting around a table and the table is like a huge star which has many points and inbetween that huge star there is water which acts like a screen. This water has memory of the time it first came into existence and the stories of evolutions of the entire universe stored in it.

Today the mother angels are trying to understand the birth of a Soul."

(Suggestion to disconnect from conscious mind was done so the universe speaks through the voice of the one in deep trance)

Little Light Beings

"The entire cosmic body, they are energy beings, little lights that keep floating. They have an existence of their own and they cannot take any form. It is compared to the cells of a body, like a cell has its own existence but alone it doesn't contribute as much as when it comes together with others, it has more to play as a whole."

Light Beings Collectively coming together

"These light bodies come together to form a soul, to experience something more collectively, as these energy bodies are so small , that they can just experience or see only one aspect of this universe. In order to understand collectively they come together. That is how a soul is born. All these light bodies consciously choose to be together. When any of these light bodies do not resonate with the entire soul form (body) that is prepared or have come together , the entire being gets dismantled, till the time they get the same frequency light bodies together.

How a Life is chosen?

It is more about what they choose to experience in life, that is, if one part of the energy body wants to experience something else in life, the light being will not be stable and so it gets dismantled. The ones who want to experience it in a certain way they come together.
The soul then chooses the form, decides which dimension ( Planets, realms) it wants to be in and also how it wants to experience life as.

Lights beings existence before Time

The light beings are a part of this universe, they are there before time as it began. The entire universe is the part of the cosmos. The Divine that is there, the source, the light beings are particles from there, which goes in and out very freely.

Universe doesn't need permission

The concept that most humans believe is that everyone and everything needs to take permission, the universe does not work this way. It has awareness to that level, where they can change their flow, based on the requirement of the universe. Nothing is restrictive in nature, everything is free flowing, and so are the light beings that are free flowing.

Light bodies who take Birth

Not all of these light bodies take birth, they might choose to be how they are and keep moving in and out from the Divine Source all the time, because they are just constants that are always there (Nothingness). When they come together, they have to serve the purpose of coming together, they have to serve other souls as well. If the soul body chooses, to again just be a part of light beings, the soul can dismantle itself to again go back to those little light beings occilating in the universe.

The entire universe is in complete sync with each other, but at the same time enjoying all its freedom.

Soul in Different Dimensions and handling chaos

When a soul decides to take part in different dimensions at the same time and split itself into these experiences that it wants to gain, many a times there is a conflict between the kinds of experiences that are chosen. There is the free will, and when such chaos takes places, these conflicting experiences happens leading to an interaction with the higher soul. The assimilation takes a little as all of it settles well.

Experiences of Dimensions

Sometimes the experience happening in some other dimension is also necessary for the ones in another dimension. It might look like the experience of being in dimension A is something absolutely different than the one in dimension B. All these influences happen for the others to evolve.

The Chaos

A soul can split into parts and so become a part of different dimensions. The entire universe is quite in sync with each other and souls connect to help each other evolve. If they feel that the other souls of dimension A needs to move, to a different 'awareness' which is not happening through conscious choice, then such chaotic situations arise. This chaos can sometimes be due to an influence from another dimension of a souls part which is there in that particular dimension.

How a Soul Ascends collectively?

The collective work of all soul parts expands the awareness of all the beings inward and around that particular soul body. As you already know that every soul goes for an astral travel, it is not like the physical form is going through something the physical form is not aware of. The universe already transmits the information for the change that is going to come ( to that physics form). There are very few who will be able to receive the transmission and decode it in a language that they understand, while the others will be forced into that change, especially those in the dimensions that are as solid as Earth".

Blessings !

Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART FOUNDER, Spiritualogist

Gurjot Kaur, Inter-Intra Galactic Connector



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