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Message continues from intra-dimensional beings....

Why does one have Stomach issues / diseases?

"There is a lot of deception in this world, all that a human shows and what they feel is entirely different. This is then projected in their energy physical bodies. It is quite funny to see from our (higher being) place that what you are feeling inside and what you potray outside is entirely different.

How by not speaking the truth, it creates a pent up energy inside the body and as you already know it is an emotional energy which needs to be realeased, but then it stays and turns into many issues related to the stomach, because your stomach not only digests food, but also your emotions.

There are physical reasons as well for stomach problems, there is a pattern, there is a predominant nature of the person which is also governed by their past lives and what they have come to learn here on earth. It is also one of the contributors to stomach problems. Similarly when you realize that something is a pent up energy inside ur body , it needs to come out, it need to be released, the release is not very difficult, it is only made and shown to be a difficult process. (Manifestations are quick in 2020, as per the previous messages received from higher beings)."

How are same higher beings coming to different seekers (clients) of mine?

"This world and the universes always function in alignment with each other, they are not distinct beings, which function only for themselves. So when somebody in your planet or other planets going through ascension /evolution calls other higher energies to help, to guide, there is an awareness level and according to that awareness levels of you humans the energies are transmitted and voiced.

When there are more informations coming out, many beings would keep reconnecting through different mediums (seekers) and it also depends upon the receptivity of the one who is talking ( client in trance) and what responsibilty , have they taken to relay the informaiton and awareness that has been transacted by these higher beings."

Therapist - The Journey if the universe is to ultimately move to nothingness. All that is created , explanded due to the reactions of each being, the ultomate journey is to stop these reactions within and move to nothingness.

"This is a very beautiful knowing that not many on earth have understood, except the holy saints that you read. Nirvana or Moksha or merging with source/god can only happen when, there is nothing that you are searching for and you are full/complete/content from inside out and at the same time very compassionate and loving towards every single particle. You merge into the absolute which you see as nothing but "complete".. "

"So when the souls need of not achieving arise, then the soul rises above all and at the same time can relate to everyone in this universe. The existence is no more, as existence is omnipresent and intangible, so once again it is 'Nothing but Everything'. "

"Now you have understood the concept of nothingness, believe in it and you shall expand."

Therapist - Renuka Gupta, PhD Intra-Inter Galactic Connector -Gurjot Kaur

The above session was done using HART, a Psychospiritual Therapy - (psychospiritual healing can be defined as: A therapy method that involves simultaneously engaging the body, mind, and spirit in healing mental health issues, moving beyond problematic life patterns, and overcoming traumatic life experiences)



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