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Message from intra-dimensional beings

Topics are- #imagination #children #mentalillness #medication #humanity #natureslaw #Research #animals #acknowledgement " We stay very connected to Earth, but we dont seem to be visible to adults who have very complicated mind. We are in the books of young children, because they believe there is a world beyond earth. A source of energy is Earth and its trust on us. We have a different fairy land there, I stay with many fairies. These fairies are very beautiful and we each have fun and there to balance of imagination and possibilities on earth, by contributing to the wonderous minds of children. The more imagination of these young children develop, it is better for the entire humanity on earth, as they will turn into youth and would start explorig a newer phase of life. My duties with the fairies are to instill this beautiful world of imagination, abstraction and of love in the young minds of little children".

How are you from a fantasy turning into a reality, only because of a belief? "We are a reality, it is only the adult mind that does not believe into. Many young children who believe in us, we stay with them. We are visible to their ( kids) eyes. You might have heard about children doing pretend plays where they are imagining a friend and trying to play with that imaginery friend. To all adults, and especially the one who work with dominant human logical mind, they say it is imagination, and it is not reality. Trust me it is reality. Every construct a child creates it comes into existence because a child believes into it. So it is a big lesson for the entire humanity that whatever they believe into, will come into existence, all they need to have is trust and hope. With young children we create this hope. Children are never hopeless, they always find some ways to discover and realize their potentials and contribute to their fellow beings. We open their mental faculties, so that they can connect not only to us but to all the higher vibrations that are avaialble and all the higher energies that you constantly keep connecting to, are easily available in just one thought of children, because they believe in it." Mental Illness What about those who are mentally ill and they believe in an unseen reality and they are not able to love a normal life? "Because they are one of us. This is something very beautiful that happens. For example say, there is a child who believes in a mental construct that he has created. When he believes in it and starts playing with it, it comes into existence in our world, so the birth is on earth in a childs mind but it comes into existence in our fairy land. So that being is living. Although those beings never grow, they are stagnant in that position all their life, they only diminish when there is less belief on them or when young children are told that this does not exist and they need to turn into a young man or women of reality, more civilized in nature as per humans on earth, it is then that the construct in our world dies. There are many children who believe even in their adulthood that these things exist, but their human mind is constantly interfering, but they want to bring these imaginations on earth, but as their adult mind is distorted ,it distorts the image, the children from our world come into existence in your world. They believe that there is another world outside the earth that they are living into and they do not belong to earth. None on earth has ever tried to understand what they are trying to tell us or what they are trying to convey to humanity, they are a source of hope, they are a source of belief. Mental constructs come back on earth to show you all of it. " Can humans help the so called mentally ill to settle as adults? "There is a lot of work that is going on, but many who are interfering in it do not trust the person (client) that they are treating, trust them, no matter whatever abstract conversations they are trying to have with you, trust that you will get the gist of it, trust that it is not only an imagination, but some reality that person is trying to tell you. Again the concept of belief comes here, if you believe in them, then they become a better human beings, not at par with others, but much civilized accordkng to your society". Do mentally ill need medicines? You (Therapist) already know it. This is all because all humans cannot deal with them. So humanity find these wonderous methodlogies to keep their mind calm, but what if you try and tap that part of their brain where the vibrations are not very functional and erratic according to the earth's plane. What if you start tapping into it. A huge tool that you have is hypnosis. When you give suggestions, make them realize their own potentials and once these potentials are recognized and are brought into consciousness, it opens a new channel for that perosn to act upon." Apart from coronovirus many diseases are going to enter a earth's plane. Is there anything humanity can do on a daily basis to be safe, to not be fearful. "The answer is there in your question itself. We keep wondering, that on Earth one keeps jumping from one aspect to the other. One thing is accomplished move on to another. One virus achieved , now let us conquer the other virus, one mountain climbed, lets move on to another. Where is contenment? This aspect has been absolutely lost with many. In search of finding more about life and their realities, they give rise to many things that are not supposed to be there on the earths plane (like diseases etc..). So an awareness of satisfaction, contenment will make many stay focused into their work to achieve the goal of a better humanity, of a better world and at the same time not disturbing certain elements in their livelihoods." Where is humanity going wrong? "Wheh humans try to manipulate extensively with the natures law, is when you give rise to something more harmful, because that balance is disturbed and all the elements from there try to attack you humans, so that you will leave them and their balance comes into existence. Stop touching these areas try not to be rude, if you are trying to find a medication." Which natures laws are humans not following? "There is a lot of experimentation happening on nature, animals are the foremost that suffer. The more you do not touch their existence in order to give more to humans, the law of nature will balance it. The more we intervene and the energy of these elements are disturbed, they try and disturb the elements of planet earth. You have been using these animals for your betterment, experimenting on them and not even paying due respect to their contributions to your discoveries. Have you ever seen any scientific research ever mention the contribution of rats and monkeys that they experiment their medicines on. Never, it is always mentionted that this scientist discovered this medicine, but no contribution of animals is ever recognized. So give love to them, they are willingly contributing to your studies. Even the plants that you eat on a daily basis, that add flavors to your food, acts as medicine for your recovery, even their contribution is not being recognized and appreciated. We from this higher land urge each human to be more thankful and show gratitude towards these beings that are non human in nature, who have been contributing to your lives." "Come to us in the next session and there is a new awareness wating to unravel itself to you. There are many like us waiting to connect to you, as you always know a portal will always open and a new reality will show up, and the best part of both of you ( Therapist & Galactic Connector) is that you keep asking questions and the answers keep flowing to you." "We are the processing the minds of young children to be more sensitive towards the contribution of nature in their lives. We have been constantly working on that and today there is going to be a massive shift in the understanding of children and their immediate nature. Rest everyone is blessed and everyone is working towards the ultimate goals.... just a suggestion to everyone, beleive in the fairy land and all that children say, although it is their imagination, on the earths plane it is going to open many portals, rather channels of new awareness, new research , new scientific adventures that will lead humanity to a new awareness and consciousness, believe in these young minds." "Through your words you are lessons to others. This shall flow, rest is our work and we are highly thankful for you to open these channels for us to directly communicate with mankind". Therapist - Thanks to Gurjot as she is the one who connects, "You are the one, the source". Therapist - Thanks to all, blessings to the universe blessings to all beings We believe in you. Thank you. Bless the children of all universes, bless them all. Therapist - Renuka Gupta, PhD, Intra-Inter Galactic Connector -Gurjot Kaur The above session was done using HART, a Psychospiritual Therapy - (psychospiritual healing can be defined as: A therapy method that involves simultaneously engaging the body, mind, and spirit in healing mental health issues, moving beyond problematic life patterns, and overcoming traumatic life experiences)



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