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Message from other Dimensions, Galaxies for all Humans..

Topics of this article are as follows- Obesity reasons,Solutions to Obesity, Awareness, Message for Healers

Obesity information continued from previous article- what do humans do to create obesity as an issue within themselves? 

"The humans on earth who are suffering from obesity or are prone to gain weight, the major reason is that they have fallen prey to all the comfort that has been there. It is the time on earth that everything is accesible with a button pressed. Everything can be accessed with just a call. And nonody wants to move from their place. So all the accumulated energy stays in the body and starts piling up. Living a life on earth as humans is to experience by going towards those things, reaching towards your experiences by yourself. But the mankind has made the life very easy, and at the same time has not modified, the way food has to be consumed. They consume food from the era where evrything has to be done by their hand and by their legs, by moving their bodies. And their lifestyle now is very sedentary, this is leading to make themselves lazy and with that they are also becoming and making their lives easier so the cells in the body wants to eat up everything, because that gives them a soft cushion to rest upon, which they do not realize that gradually this accumulation starts eating them up with various diseases. 

What is the solution? 

"Experience everything by reaching towards it. It will give you immense joy and all your energies will be used. The more active your cells and your body parts are the happier life you will have. And hence you find that on earth there is a huge shift, that everybody is running towards fitness because obesity is hitting them hard. 

The second important part that also stays on earth and its beings is the expression of emotions. When the emotions are not expressed at the right time at the right place and kept inside and nurtured inside, they start developing in you as a virus or a parasite. And its starts developing its own community inside you. Where as this is not the place that they stay. They are supposed to be out of the systems. When they start staying inside you and they call more of their friends, time and again it leads to the problem of obesity. So the emotions have to flow, need to move out of the systems, because your bodies have not yet developed the ability to keep it inside you". 


"Awareness of being an infinite soul, that is a part of a greater source, which leads to access spaces that once was dreamt by many but could not be achieved. 

These spaces will naturally be accessed by all humans when they are more aware and when they feel that they are a part of a greater good and greater power". 

How to build awareness?

"Connecting with your inner being, your soul". 

We both (Therapist and Seeker) have met for a purpose? What is it? 

You both have contracted to know from each other, from each others awareness and raise your vibrations and all the information or the awareness that is achieved finds a way to be imparted to others and that happens with this collboration of both of you". 

Message for Healers
"Spread love, that is all. Nothing more is required". 

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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