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Message from the 7 th Dimension

Topics are - Pure Heart means, Human lessons, Intergalactic Law, The source, Infinite Consciousness, Atlantians and Lemurians,

"Hello, it is nice to connect again", the higher being is from 7th Dimension, he is Arcturian.

Therapist - In a 7th Dimension, what does it mean to have a pure heart and open mind?"A spirit and a mind uncluttered by human earthly concerns. 'Survival' is an earthly concern. Humanity itself threatens its own survival by an imposition of ideologies, specially imposed ideologies, it likes to consider itself free, but it is not, human are weighted by their concerns that they have enough, while they exist on this planet.

Know that there is more than just this world you call Earth, there are infinite worlds and we are just one of many in your universe.

You (Humans) will be given insight into intergallactic communication here on earth, which a small of you are aware of, but the majority are not, and with this understanding, you will have a heightened awareness of being.We think you humans are incredible, because the challenges of living in a 3rd dimension are extraordinary, but the appeal exists in the fact that earth is such a magnificient biosphere and this is why the souls keep coming back. It is also to experience the vastness of the diversity and natural and animal kingdom that exists on your earth.

Human Lessons

You ( humans ) have many lessons to learn, and much evolution to do, but the earth is ancient and life will prevail. It is not the first time, intelligent civilization has existed in this planet, there have been a multitude of civilizations, that have achieved a high understanding, high intelligence of being. The earthlings, humanity still has a long way to go, we only wish that you are able to raise your frequencies in order to gain greater understanding and compassion for your self as a species also for the natural environment and for the animal kingdon. It is our wish for you.

Intergalactic Law

Intergalactic law states that we can't interfere in lessons that you must learn, but we are here, and should a mass consciousness beacon , we would come. Humanity is not yet ready, it is on the verge. 2043 we are arriving. You will start to see signs. We have been coming here since the beginning of your time. There has been destruction in other worlds and for time periods we have needed earth as a place of refuge, it is difficult for us being high frequency to exist on your dense planet, and that which you value as gold, is also valued intergalactically. It has a power to be as a psychic conductor.

The specialness of this earth, exist in its expansiveness of biodiversity. It is a very special planet that enables a multitude of life forms.

The Source, Infinite Consciousness, Atlantians and Lemurians

The source, the creator of the universe, exists within consciouness... we are all born with that consciouness, but it is our lesson to relearn it, as you humans incarnate".

Why do we need to relearn what we have already learnt?

"It is to understand the inherance and the infinitesness of consciouness, it is complex, it deals in what you term the metaphysical and humans are still yet to figure that out. There have been civilizations that have understood it, like the Atlantians.

The lemurians chose to find the consciouness in the natural environment and in the animal kingdom. Lemurians still exist, they exist in ancient geneology in human form, in which modalities are still apparent of the lemurians, but have been negated by modern human kind as invaluable or meek. It is not to be perceived as meekness, it is to be perceived as gentleness and confusion, confusion is the result of these anceint souls having to deal with what you term the modern world.

You know when you see one (lemurian) , you connect, and that simple connection, that simple acknowledgment manifests through small gestures of compassion and simple generosity. It helps a battered spirit. And as you know, there are hybrids on the planet, those with extra terrestrial DNA, they know who they are, they sense who they are, they are here. We walk amongst you. It is for genetic experimentation and also to observe".

Therapist- Atlantis also had hybrids."Yes they did".

Gratitude for today!

Another higher being revealed on Love -"True love, unconditional love, when humans love themselves exactly as they are, they wud come closer to perfection".

Healing and Blessings,

Renuka Gupta, PhD

Intra-Intergalactic communications - Using HART Technique.



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