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Message from the court of Divine order

"We are the council of Light. We are very near to the Planet Sirius. In my court I have Luiuana, mercy, Libini, Viola, Shinchen, Baluya. I am Rivasana, I am their leader. Greetings from our council. We have a message for the evolving earth".

"Dear Earth, you are looked after by many that you cannot even sense. You are doing a wonderful work on your self that is being seen in every person, living being on this planet. Everybody wants to work on their own selves, as you are rightly doing it on yourself. You (Earth ) have been a great support to all the energies that are showered on you. The energy grids that have been placed and send towards earth are absorbed very finely. Don't be discouraged, your journey towards a new better plane stays and emanation has already begun. These are the initial huddles that you will face in order to rejuvenate and discover the hidden potentials." To all the humans on this earths plane "Dear mankind, you have lived the best of the times on this planet it is now your turn to believe in the divine in a completely new view, that you have not yet experienced. The fear that is been generated by many on this plane, especially the leaders of different countries is putting forth a situation in front of you, that is not so scary, but is made, so that everybody abides to the rules". "You need to believe in your divine plan which you have chosen while you decided to be a part of this evolution. Trust that the divine and all the holy powers are with you. It is the time to redefine your understanding of God, of Life and of You". We are creating a new energetic stone, a crystal, to be set in the heart of the earth which needs to be activated with constant prayers to heal. Once that is activated there would be new energies flowing into the heart of every human and the fear will be vanished".

"It is fear that is not letting you move to a newer understanding of life. We do understand that for a typical human mind, it is very difficult to accept the uncertain, to accept what has never been told, predicted or been seen or experienced by anyone". You (Therapist and Connector ) on the earth's plane are together going to work towards this movement. Trust that we and many like us are in constant support to each one of you (all beings). Meditate more, connect more with your families .Send love to each other, spread happiness during these times and everything will pass very easily for you. Message for Therapist and Galactic Connector You both need to start a prayer, a meditative journey for three months to bless earth and every being on this planet. You both are going to be instrumental in this shift. This will also make u less worried or effected by changes happening around you. Keep cleansing your place, because soon things that are not required for your living ,will move out. Once that clearance takes place, it prepares you for the shift and the shift will happen very easily. We have placed the stone, the crystal in the womb of earth, the prayers now need to be given.

Therapist Renuka Gupta, PhD Inter- Intra Galactic connector Gurjot Kaur Research work done using HART Technique.



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