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Messages from the Arch Angels

Arch Angel Michael says...


"Holding both of you together in our space.

For mankind in this world, there are emotions that play a major role, as you know that these days, rather since centuries one has taken over the physical aspect of the mankind. This is what needs to be managed because for many it is playing out of proportion.

With the changing cosmic energies and the energies of the Earth, for every individual it becomes essential to manage their emotions as well, as that is one energy which keeps flowing. When it goes out of proportion in any extremes it leads to instability. As you all know it is all about creating balance, balance between the dark and the light. This balance has to be restored even with your emotions.


With the eclipse coming and going, and more that is coming on the way, it has been an instrument of creating more opportunities of development. It does not mean that opportunities are only seen as the goodness or a happy thing, it also means opportunities where you will see the darker side, the shadows of your own personality which needs to be worked upon. Opportunities to deal with them, opportunities to calm them down, opportunities to resolve them and create a balance between the mind and the heart.


For a long time healings have been happening for humans, to open their space of heart, but the mind has still not stopped interfering and so the imbalance. The mind has its own role, but it is about the balance between the heart and the mind in a physical world.


This entire phase of the fears existing on Earth's timeline, 2020 where many people had been seeing it as a nightmare, is actually a way of creating balance in the disturbed environment. The beings of the Earth are now used to seeing this and had made it their normality.


When the Renaissance took place it brought the materialism into picture, wherein people started showing more of the materialism. The industrialization that showed them the way of the connection of the materialism, still made them be connected to nature and nurture.

But since many decades now, this connection is somewhat lost.


Mankind is into a speed where there is no end, they are into a run for nothing and not realizing that they have come here in this moment to experience what they have chosen. All that they have been doing is run towards something, which they themselves are not clear about.


So as the decades change, the Earth changes its energy and so does the human. We (Arch Angels) never said it is going to be easy, but we assure you, it is going to be a connection more fruitful that any of the times that any soul on this earth has experienced. But before that everybody has to go through their tests and pass them successfully. We and many others are constantly there supporting nurturing the needs, the soul of people, of even other beings on this planet, that do not even come into the conscious mind of a human, but these beings exist.


We would suggest, the more the ask, the more the supply. So if you feel lost or uncertain of anything or experiences of your own life call upon us , the spiritual Divine energies to help through, as that is how we will find balance. It might not happen in one moment. It might take few days on your timeline, but as you seek, it is granted say there energetic level.
The assimilation might take few more days or months to happen.

From where we are seeing the process of change on this planet, change is happening every micro-millisecond , as per your understanding of time. We have not seen such shifts since many centuries, so everything is aligned now, all you need to do is get into the alignment again. ( through the heart, opening the heart) and balancing the mind.


Mind has become overactive, it also needs to settle."

Therapist - Is meditation the only way to settle the overactive mind, breathing exercises?

"Breathing and meditation are those things that connect you, at the same time

connecting with nature and the other beings on the planet also leads the balance.

When the logic and the love balances, it spreads beauty and divinity. The mind has taken over and has become more powerful than the true nature, so this balance has to be built by working more from the space of heart."

(Angel Raphael and Angel Metatron after getting guidance for a client, further healing was done for the client by Angel Metatron)

Angel Metatron says

"My work more is to align, to put things into perspective, to get into Divine energies and bring it to your reality, which is what I was doing. The work is now complete.

Arch Angel Michael also healed both of you in the beginning of the session."

T- Gratitude for that. I sensed it.

"It is now all assimilated into your energy body."

T - Bless the entire universe, bless all beings, bless the Angels, bless everything that is energy. (Usually I always end a session blessings every energy)

Renuka Gupta, PhD, founder of HART

Gurjot Kaur, Inter-intra galactic connector



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