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Money Abundance

*Financial crises* in a human life can be a cause of

A. Past life Karma B. Current Life Past Karmas C. A lesson for learning as chosen by the Soul

If I share my own personal life, I actually do not pay attention to money, how much is coming and going, or how much should come in a month, so bills get paid.

I used to keep accounts of it years back, that too not like daily or monthly accounts, but yes, knew, these many clients came and this much is earned.

The only Belief I always had as an inner voice in Life is


Amazingly, I have noticed, the minute my expense goes high in a month, my earning exactly adjusts accordingly, automatically without plan or thoughts, or law of attraction of Money thoughts.

Rather what I am trying to tell is, too much emphasis on Money, too much thoughts put into Abundancd, is a CRAVING for money, and all cravings lead to LACK of ABUNDANCE.

How ?

CRAVING is present, when one thinks or feels there is a LACK.

Just like if you add Zero to Zero it remains Zero. Thoughts about money is a *Craving*, arising from a *Lack*, and so a Zero and it gives a Zero.

Rather, focus on the work one has to do. Do it with complete dedication, and most important, do it WITHOUT FOCUSING ON THE END RESULT or an EXPECTATION.

Universe Always Takes care of Us - Never Forget...

Those who are worried of what to do with Karmas, focus on the now, and align your today Karmically.

ACCEPTANCE of what you have, being at peace with it... And then see how things Align Universally for you.

Blessings 😊 🙏🏻

Renuka Gupta



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