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A Case of Mutism

*Name changed for Confidentiality*

Messages for Seekers

Technique used : HART - Healing above Regression Therapy (A Psychotherapy-Spiritualistic Technique)

These are verbatim messages, as given by the Divine/God, using the voice of the research Participants, connecting to them in deep meditation / trance states. No background information/history about the person in question is given to research participant, for receiving these messages, Only their first name is given. The universe knows, who is that person for whom the message is being asked. These messages cannot be further explained or interpreted by me.

Guidance for Lester

Therapist - When is his suffering going to end, What is his message ?


"There are three guides that are working here with the child. He is suffering from a heart condition that he needs to release in his current life. This heart condition is connected to his Past Life.

Therapist - What happened to his heart in the Past ?


He was shot by an arrow in the heart and that trauma that went through his body as a man in his past life, lead to his death. He was in his 20's in that lifetime, this incident left a trauma, that effected him but also effected his mother of his Past Life who is also the mother of his current Life. In past life his mother was not able to get over the grief of losing her son.

In this lifetime he has chosen the suffering, to be able to heal himself of the trauma of Past Life. His mother in this current life also has come with a learning she needs to attain, that is to let go of the attachment.

We are not talking about mother and son attachment, or the bond of Love, the attachment here means, the attachment to the outcome, the attachment to the fear as to what is going to happen to her son in this current life. She needs to let go of this fear, once she lets go of the fear, that is when the child will begin to heal. This is the purpose of both souls in this life time as a mother and a child."

"My dear Child Lester you need to connect to your heart, with both of your hands on your heart, is when you will be able to release the energy thay are heavy, which you are experiencing right now. Souls that are currently in your life, how they choose to respond to this, is their free will."

Blessings !

(IN THIS CURRENT LIFE, the incident of getting a booster plus flu shot at age 1.5 yr, which is when, the child suffered from Mutism ,currently at age 3. These vaccines acted like a catalyst to tap into the trauma which occured in a past life, this was how the soul chose to access the trauma of past life, so that both the mother and the child can heal. )

Message ends.

Jasjit Maggu - Connector to the Universe

HART by Renuka Gupta


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