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Past Life Regression 'Yesterday and Today'​

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT), the minute this word is spoken, many of them immediately come to a conclusion, past life: it cannot be real, it does not exist. During therapy what if I do not come out of it, what if it hurts me rather than heal me etc etc.... and to all the above reactions my answer is simple, prove a standard plan or technique or therapy which always work for everyone and never fails to heal. Let me alert you though, it does not at all mean that PLRT does not work. It works for some, but it does not work for those who do not go into a deep level of trance to have this experience. 

PLRT as an intervention approach is not healing miraculously, or using magic or using some mantras to heal. It is a very rationally performed therapy, whose goal is to find answers to questions a person has, where the person has felt stuck, feels asthough now nothing is left, feels helpless, feels low self worth etc. 

PLRT process does initially use an imagery to make the mind reach a state where it is able to travel to a time, a situation lived by the person before. To find answers to problems some do go to a past which is in this life itself, a teenage or childhood experience, while others go beyond this life. Many feel that past life means, they will see the life just before this birth. It is not so, you can go to a life which can be 1600 BC or AC. 

Let me share my another experience with clients , those who had gone to a very old era, world war or even before, it was observed that the life lived then was more painful, full of hardships not because there were no jobs, or no materials, but because there was less of humanity and more of value given to status which depended on wealth or being born in a particular prestigious family. Those who did not have this status, were used, punished, treated much worse than an animal. Example, if a person was caught trying to steal a loaf of bread for being poor, the punishment irrespective or being a male or a female was being tied down on a street, with iron chains, in a position that would hurt the arms, the neck, the back and the knees, and left there hungry and thirsty for days. The family of that very person who is punished can just see the person and had no right to speak or do anything, till one day the punished person dies. You might think, Oh! This kind of punishment might be given by certain cultures, but the various past lives which was revealed through different clients did not show one particular culture, rather in earlier times almost every race/culture have shown the same level of inhuman treatment. It is an eye opener for those who feel that the world is getting worse, yes today some parts of the world are facing such inhuman circumstances, but still today is much better than the past we all have lived in a different form, in a different era. Those who are still inhuman since ages, have a long way to go to learn to heal, until then the journey of life and death continues for those souls. 

Carl Jung says " We are our own ancestors".

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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