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Rivasana and Merci speaks today from the Council of Light

Rivasana and Merci connects to us today. Rivasana is the Queen of Council of Light.

"With all human kind that is living on this planet. We all need to turn inward and see, evaluate their own deeds, actions. Many times due to impulsive behaviors which does not involve any thought leads to harm for others. Many industrialists that work for the growth of the country economy also decide strategies that in the long run starts harming the fellow beings. We refer to these fellow beings as all the members of this earth, living or non living.

Difficult times are coming

Times further are going to get difficult, but these difficult times will lead each mind to look for their actions and their own intentions. Many will be destroying their entire base on which they have created life. I suggest not to lose hope, as this is the beginning of realizing abilities that your mind and your body can do together. Many know that these times are not an easy sale. For many the future is blur, they all have to pass through this.

For whom the future is blur?

The ones who still choose to work on ignorance, there are still many who do not want to accept the rapid change occuring on this planet. At the same time the social political structure of the place that you live in, these changes are creating new areas to work upon, which few years back seemed to be lost, it was all viewed as a dead end. As the mist clears, you will be able to see the paths that is being formed.

Message for us

With the work that you both do, it brings a lot of awareness in every individual that comes in connection with you. That work needs to now expand, to contribute to lost souls, living as humans on Earth. They are ready to take up a new path in life. You both need to now be ready to take them and put them on a path on which they will walk by themselves. Get into the Journey of this social life, become main streamed.

You both need to reach out to the physical world, with the wisdom that you both are achieving and gaining through the connect with higher vibrational beings.

People who lost their path Similarly the people on earth who have lost the connection with the higher vibrations needs to rise and your work will show them their path. We are not saying that they are not willing to or they have not shifted form they were in the previous years.

The first step is just over and now is the time of peeling off all those layers and layers of non growth, of stagnation from the systems of this earth and the fellow beings. This will take some time and as all of this surfaces people might lose their paths, because the mind speaks more than the heart. Work needs to connect them back to their heart and harmonize the relationship between the mind and heart, so that they can continue progressing there.

Message for all Healers

For many healers the challenges that they face in their personal lives are a part of them and they have consciously chosen at a soul level to experince those challenges and overcome them.

For healers who are aligned with the higher vibrations, whatever challenge they face in their life they can easily overcome them. With the experience that they gain by overcoming challenges, it helps them to guide others on the similar or a little different. It expands the horizons of every being around."

Merci speaks

Healing the body

"I came here to heal the bodily changes that is going on in every human being on this planet. Many of you are becoming very very sensitive to the things that are happening around you. Many are becoming sensitive to the aspects of their own lives which they were ignorant about, and this comes as a heavy dosage of energetic shifts on every beings which needs to be lifted.

It is always amazing to see with the passing time, things on Earth change which is not very visible to the human eye, as the shifts are so subtle. Then they all come together to make it a beautiful place to stay along.

Bodies are ready for the shifts

The bodies are now prepared for the upcoming atmospheric shifts that you will go through.

These are all the shifts of the ascension process , which the ones who are very sensitive and be aware of their to bodies will experience, rest will just move."

Gratitude for guiding us. !

By Renuka Gupta, PhD, Founder of HART Inter-Intra Galactic connector Gurjot Kaur



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