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Schizophrenia - a Spirituology Perspective

Gist -

A Case specific message leading to general message for all those suffering from Schizophrenia

Technique used : HART - Healing above Regression Therapy (A Psychotherapy-Spiritualistic Technique)

These are verbatim messages, as given by the Divine/God, using the voice of the research Participants, connecting to them in deep meditation / trance states. No background information/history about the person in question is given to research participant, for receiving these messages, Only their first name is given. The universe knows, who is that person for whom the message is being asked.

Today, HART Sessions helps to understand Schizophrenia Generally and also specific to the person regarding whom the question was asked.

Therapist -

There is a person named Soki (real name hidden for confidentiality), she suffers from Schizophrenia since 14 years, at age 8 she went through a traumatic experience, so why has her Life been so traumatic since childhood. What is her soul purpose eventually ? Her mother wants to find the answer, help her.

Divine Speaks -

"She suffers from Schizophrenia because of the deep fears she has held onto since past lives".

Therapist - Like, which fears?

"There are five Past lives, in one of them she was abused badly in her childhood and then suffered sexual abuse in adulthood as well in that lifetime, and knew no other way, but to then exploit her body, or use her body to be able to survive. She carried a lot of guilt about that and still does energetically in this life.

By admitting her disconnect and bringing up these fears in the form of (give it any label,) Schizophrenia- the voices in the head, it is all for her, so that she is able to let go of the fears from past five traumatic lives, where she suffered different kinds of trauma and got stuck in the cycle of just being, just surviving and got lost along the way, towards expressing her true self.

Healing begins when she will be one with her inner self, you can call it the 'Soul', and to remember that she is connected to the Source, the Divine and work towards letting go of her fears.

We are going to send her healing right now. She is going to have few nightmares for 2 to 3 nights, that would be the subconscious releasing the fears, after that she would be grounded ( balanced) within her self, to be able to live a life with her connection to the Soul, the 'Divine Source' within her.

She has spiritual capabilities, that are waiting to come out. Every person suffering from Schizophrenia in some way have suffered Trauma due to "Spiritual Expression" in their past Life, which leads them to fearing the voices in their head.

In this life, eventually these fears will convert into her intuitions, which will lead her to help other people.

{(Many highly spiritual, intutive healers were feared by general population, which resulted in labeling humans with spiritual abilities as witches or doing withcraft, this was found in many of my clients past lives)}

General message for all those having Schizophrenia

"Schizophrenia is not something to be feared, let the fear take over, otherwise the condition of the person becomes worst. We ( Divine beings) understand it is easy for us to say, when we are not in that exact state.

Cause of Schizophrenia

There are Cases where there is an external energy ( an entity) associated, which is interfering with the person's energy body. In such cases, the person suddenly changes in mood and behavior and is no longer who they were in the past and it needs to be handled by professional healers who work with Entities, Energy modalities to remove the interference.

In other cases, where the person is primarily themselves in their core, but in certain moments intense fear takes over, it is because of the trauma they have suffered, either in their past lives or they have chosen to be born with Schizophrenia as a challenge (Soul Lifescript) in this life, so they can learn to express themselves (not remain repressing their thoughts out of fear) and able to bring out their spiritual gifts to the world without fears.

This is one of the paths their soul chose because of their prior soul journeys on Earth. Unfortunately they do not know better, and remain impacted by the past traumas they have faced or their ancestral family has suffered. Many of the souls take birth in a specific family line, to release and heal thr Ancestral Karmas which caused trauma for generations together.

Ancestral Line Karma Healing

Being born with Schizophrenia is sometimes to take on the Ancestral Family Karmic trauma and be able to put a complete stop to this vicious cycle, so that the other generations, the future ones, need not take on these ancestral line karmas ( traumas) . So they choose Schizophrenia as a challenge to heal the Soul Family for all the generations who lived on Earth."


Sometimes family members have to go through, bear the sudden reactions, rudeness which a person with schizophrenia shows, is there a message for the family members, as to what they can do to manage when such outbursts happen ?

"We (Divine) want to tell them, they (family members) are loved, that we are sending them our Love, what they are experiencing as a family is either a cause-effect, a Karmic Journey, or something the family members wanted to experience in this Life time, so that they are able to bring out the compassion , love within themselves and to stop reacting in a situation by understanding the person.

One doesn't want to feel angry on a person who feels anger(One with Schizophrenia), it is ok, they are going through their own release process, and going through their own journey of finding that love and compassion within themselves. This is the lesson they all wanted to learn as a family in this lifetime.

Blessings !
Jasjit Maggu - Connector of Energies
Renuka - HART Founder, Practitioner


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