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Topics of this article are as follows : 

Intuition, Evolution, Soul leaving a body, Moving on, Relationship: Love and attachment.

Difference between an Intuition and a Human Thought

"Human thought will stretch out, go on forever, as the mind continues to feel the thought.

With intuition it will be short and concise to the point. A firm message, and the body will react towards it. 

If it is a long drawn out thought, the body will ignore it or start to panic. 

The shift in Earth's energy, 

The Earths energy is rising higher now, people are awakening and as this energy flows through her many will be healed if they are ready. Those souls who are not ready will leave as that is not their soul journey. 

Those who are ready are evolving at this time on earth, there are some that are not aware, but also evolving. There are some who are stuck on a very low level, on the third dimension. When the body does not evolve the souls will leave because that body is not able to adjust to the higher energy level. It will start to deteriorate even faster."

The above message have been revealed by several seekers (clients) that the spiritual ascension period is beginning in 2020. Currently at an earth level the shifts are so high, that several humans will feel the pain, heaviness, fear and other heightened emotions. Meditation, prayer is the key, to go through these shifts without getting impacted. Lower vibrational beings here means those who are stuck in ones own emotional, mental states, unable to come out of the viscious circle of fear, sadness, addiction etc... who have lost the direction of life, who have lost the purpose of their life. 

When a soul leaves what happens to the body? 

"When a soul leaves, the body deteriorates. So basically as the energy levels (spiritual ascension) increase and the body energy levels do not match up to the rising levels of energy, the soul who has chosen that body, will know it is time to leave, because the body will be not be able to adjust to the rising levels (ascension/evolution). The body will just become incompatible to the energy on earth.  

To move on, one needs to take action. If one continues to sulk in the same thoughts and same memories, one will be unable to move forward. Having ones heart not opened means, one is dwelling deeper and deeper into those memories, emotions and thoughts. One has to come to a place where one sets aside those memories, thoughts and emotions and look at them from a third persons point of view. They are there, but do not give too much importance to them, set them aside. There is a difference between releasing emotions and then dwelling in them, till you drown in them. 

The emotional pond can be deep, but one needs to stand up, and walk out of it and look back that it is there, but time to move forward. The more one takes an action, the easier it will be to get out of it. 

There is a difference between co-dependence and helping others. It is good to help others, but when you put yourself on the line, to the point where you bearly give yourself value, that is also like drowning in the same emotional pond. 

To move ahead in life, see no boundaries, go where you need to go, do what you need to do. 

Do not let family ,friends and other attachments make you bind to one place where you are stationary. As soon as one starts to break those boundaries and moves ahead, energy will flow, and all ones desires will come into existence. 

One must practice love without attachment

Whenever anyone feels that they are closely attached to a person, because they are in love; what they perceive to be love, in that very moment they must set aside that emotion and look at it from a higher perspective. Once they see that other perspective from a higher point of view they will realize this is all temporary. So when you practice love without attachment, you were there, you were supportive, you were caring and all the emotions that come with it, but it is time to move forward, you must release the ribbons and let go and know in your heart that they will be ok. It is not your responsibility, you are not carrying the burden of every persons joy on your shoulders.

Attachment also comes from a place where you believe that the joy of others comes from you, when that is not true. Showing happiness comes from their own making, a person chooses joy and happiness, they choose to be content. They choose whatever emotion they tend to be through their own selves. So when one lets go, when one cries, it is great to release, but it need not be an over flow". 

Choose to let go, choose to move on, choose to release, choose to have faith, choose joy, choose to love your self, choose to spread love and compassion, choose to be a part of this upcoming spiritual evolution, and not be reborn again and again to make the above choices. 

Healing to all !

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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