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Souls above and beyond : For those who lost someone

It took a long time for me to write this time, because of my own journey of life which required attention. Coming back to Past life regression, I am now able to explore more through my clients, the journey of souls immediately after death, and what happens to them up above in a different space....

As I already said before, no matter how a person dies, drowning, murdered or suicide, it doesn't make a difference to the soul, the soul gets out of the body, sometimes just before the body dies especially when the body feels tremendous physical pain, or soul comes out the minute the body takes its last breath. The soul comes out of the body, and looks from little above, they see their own body and things around the body or reactions of people around the body. No matter how much the one who died felt anger, hatred or was hurt due to someone close, when the person dies, the soul never sees its own life the same way, the soul feels peaceful, have regrets about their life, and always wishes their loved ones to be happy,to be fine. 

The soul has some regrets, of how it could have lived life differently, but the soul never leaves that life with a hurt, vengeance, or sorrow. It is in total peace.

I have not come across many clients who have had this experience which i am about to narrate, but it gives me hope to explore into it more. Some souls have existed in two places at the same time, what i mean is , the soul also sees their loved ones life even after the soul has finished the journey of past life, while being born and living in a different life. I know this is amazing to know, but as i said I still need to research into this by finding more clients experiencing on their own this aspect. Since my focus has always been on healing clients, less on researching, I may take longer time to know this concept.

Let me continue with the souls journey after it leaves the body, the soul after feeling regret etc... it leaves that life time completely and meets the higher souls which many of us call "The Masters". The masters hold them give them the love, care and learning needed, before the soul once again takes birth. Each client when they get their learning, it is a deep process of transition for me too along with the client. I would like to share a learning for those who want to know the ultimate purpose of their lives, the spiritual path. whenever my clients explored this direct question or a different question, one learning was consistently told by the masters to many of my clients. Let me share this with you:

"Compassion", this word has been told by the master to several of my clients.... the goal of life's journey is compassion. 
"You are complete, you become whole when you are able to love yourself, accept yourself"

This is also another aspect what the masters have told several of my clients. 

It is a simple thought, heard through people, read several times in books, but those who look deep within them, know the meaning and way life has to be lived with this truth.

Buddha had told that, the cycle of life in itself is Pain, suffering, it simply means till we attach oneself to a thing or person, till we have desires unfulfilled in life, we keep taking birth again and again, till we learn that each soul's journey is to find compassion and love from within and not from outside. Learn to love self and find completeness on ones own and for that we need to accept oneself the way we are. 

I recently lost my mother, it was a sudden, unexpected loss, but the journey of soul I have known through my several clients , made it a bit easier to not let grief succumb me. I somehow knew deep within, I am once again going to meet her in next life, since I am so attached to her, and loved her a lot, but now I surely want one thing, I want to take birth, only if she needs me......I do not know how my journey of compassion, finding love within will begin, but for now, all I desire is to find a way to reach this ultimate purpose.......So those who have lost their loved ones, remember if you loved them , you will once again meet them because you desire......this is not something I am saying, this is what the journey of souls taught me......

Take care !!

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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