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Spiritual Journey

#Spiritual #journey *is Experienced not understood

The Light and the Dark are in #Balance in the universe, and is also a part of each human element.

Not all that is in Light, is high Spirituality Nor all that is Dark, a low vibration.

Even while experiencing Light, an Ego of a human can come up,

And while experiencing the Darkness, a human might be going to a deep journey into the place where the Journey of a soul began.

The question, whether one is in Light or Dark and what it means, is the work of a human mind, while in spirituality, deep meditative practices, the human mind is kept at bay...

One does not need to conceptually understand Spirituality, it is an experience and many a times words fail to explain it.

Whatever is your #experience, light or dark, #observe it, as much as possible, not reacting to it, just observe, not finding logic behind it, just observing 🙏🏻...

- Renuka Gupta


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