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The future human, 16th Dimension

A queen from the 16th Dimensions relays the message today on following topics

Earth Message, Humans in darkness-Solution, why were we created on Earth?, Earth's shifts and destruction, dealing with fears, How do dimensional beings connect?.

"I am the queen of all the white beings (Celestial beings). We are the future humans but very different from the humans there on earth. Current earth humans will eventually rise to the 16th dimension.

As the messenger for today I request all the beings on earth, every particle on earth to calm down, everything is happening as per the divine plan, and as all of you decided to make your contribution and be a part of this shift, by maintaining peace and harmony, 'Love' will generate.

This love has the power to conquer all forms of destruction that a human mind can create. More the love that is spread through each human being, through each person who is trying to contribute to other persons life, each doctor, each healer, each light worker, each friend, each mother, each child will grow with the love they give to each other. Today I connected to send this message to all mankind."

" Earth, it's a beautiful place, even many a times we come to your spaces to see how beautifully you all work. I urge every human being to rise up to their true potentials and work with harmony and spread joy and happiness in each others lives."

Is the earth fine with the shifts going on?

These shifts that are showing up now, it is absolutely ok.

Any guidance for human who are stubborn to stay in the darkness?

"Thank them, as they are pushing others to work from the space of love and light. More we have gratitude to these people, the more each mankind will flourish. Gradually as everybody around will shift, the beings in darkness would automatically move towards or will be pushed by all these people in love, to an ocean of pure joy and happiness".

If you are the future humans of 16th Dimension, why were we created in this Earth's dimension?

"It is what your soul chose to experience. We all are a part of the divine, the source, the god as it is called in your space. We have the choice of breaking down ourselves into smaller fragments and create a space where in we can feel , enjoy, make merry.

All the materials can be experienced only on earth. The material happiness is experienced here more than in any other dimension".

Why is the earth changing so much, climate wise, destruction wise?

"The earth is moving , the earth wants to rise from its way of growth. So when there is growth there is shift. Like a teenager on earth there is a lot of shift that happens internally. The biochemical reactions that happen in the body starts operating in terms of irritations, anger, pimples on the face, body hair, all is leading to developing into a more mature human. This is what is happening with earth. All this is a part and parcel, not only with earth, but any other planet or galaxy, if it decides to operate at a different dimension we all go through a shift.

The more you see these shifts as positive, development the more love will flow, and easier it will become. Your time is all about saying, believing and seeing it manifest right at that moment. So start believing because now all the prerequisites that had to happen to the earth has gone through with its people. Now everything will start showing results immediately.

If you start flowing with the process of earths shift with awareness and love, all of you will move into a beautifil space more easily.

If you create more resistance or barriers around you and not accept what the earth is going through, it will create issues in your life, as the energy field on earth will force you to move through the current and not against it."

How are humans to deal with fears, as sometimes it does dominate in the path of love?

"It dominates because one hasn't learned, one wants to still nurture the fear and hence it becomes dominant. What if all accept that there is fear, accept that there is uncertainity and start playing with it. Once you start playing with the uncertainity and certain circumstances there are more doors that you can open, than just one and with your awareness you can choose the best for you.

Life is easy, it is the thoughts which make it more complicated".

Do the people on earth know about you, the queen and the 16th Dimension. Do they know about your existence?

"Yes there are few who know about our existence but does not know where and how do we exist. Because this is not the time on your plane to understand or even conceptualize the way that we are residing and living in harmony".

How do different dimensional beings connect through is and relay the messages?

We are all connected at the soul level whether we are in the 3rd dimension, 16th dimension or the 56th dimension. Whenever any being is asking for help or is opening their consciouness ,the awareness and certain messages are to be relayed, we all come together to pass that message. Everyone gets a message to be transferred to which soul at what time.

Is it true that during sleep, what the souls are doing is becoming more and more conscious for the humans?

Not for all, the ones who want to start their journey or shift into their present life only for them. The work in the dream or during the sleep has enhanced.

Do some souls who are on current earth come from higher dimensions?

Our souls have various extensions in different dimensions and that is another reason how one can connect to other dimensional beings.

Sometimes we connect to cluster of our souls in different dimensions. In sleep we travel and meet. Some humans do meet their soul parts in sleep, only that soul part will come in contact who would need to contribute. Rest everyone will keep working in their dimensions. Whatever learning the higher soul requires and wants to impart, will reach, so meeting is not always important, only the actions the course of being in that space and relaying that information to the higher soul is of importance.

With every session both of you (therapist and seeker are taking huge leaps into your awareness, the awareness of the space that you are living, the awareness of the earth, the galaxy that you belong to and you have accepted that you are a part of a larger being and not just you. So with every awareness the steps are becoming more visible to be climbed and to acquire everything that has been laid on that floor for both of you.

We are very happy to connect to both of you and in turn to connect to mankind on that space. You both have commited to contribute to all the beings that are around you, the humans, animals, plants, soil, creatures, visible and invisible. Contributions to their lives from you is very prominent and you are fulfilling the task that you have taken when you were at the soul level. So the faster you move, the faster we also contribute.

Love to all humans.

Renuka Gupta, PhD



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