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The Senses turns to KNOWINGS

The connections one has in Deep Meditation or in a Trance

Could be a :

Visual Experience

Auditory Experience

Touch Experience

Smell Experience

Taste Experience

When the experience is in the form of 5 sensations, humans tend to easily know and believe that, something actually did happen, and so believe it is real or true.

In a physical world, unless a human has a 5 sensory experience, it becomes difficult to believe it actually happened.

In many olden scriptures of East and the West, it is mentioned, 'One finds the Truth when one is able to look beyond the 5 senses.'

For human beings, the doubts can delay a Spiritual journey

Doubts arise, when the experience occurs beyond these 5 sensations, it is called as Universal "Knowings". Here a human just knows, you can call it the gut, the intuition, soul voice, inner wisdom, voice of heart etc etc.... Where one Just knows and does not wait to find the 5 sensory proofs to know something exists.

The truth is, Spiritual Journeys come to Life, when one goes beyond the 5 senses, and also goes beyond the Mind ( thoughts , Logic ).

Physical world comes as a challenge to every being, the challenge are the 5 senses and especially the Mind.

The reason why a Soul takes birth, takes a form on Earth or other galaxies, is for spiritual ascension / Expansion, and this ascension is achieved when one goes beyond the 5 sensory experience backed by Thoughts...

Those who live in internal or external disturbances, as well as those who live with strong attachments or Aversions, are still living a 5 sensory experience.

As said in many olden era writings, 'When the Mind is Quiet, still or Tranquil, it is called the Nirvana or Moksha.

If you have a voice inside you, which is not linked to the 5 senses and the thoughts; begin listening to it, Do not Doubt it, Do not fear following it.

The "Knowings" can also be felt..., A vibration coming and going within your body, it could be on the outside or inside, but the sensations on tue body, which are sensed, are an indication of having the Knowings....These vibrations are subtle, unlike the touch sensations which are felt in a more direct manner on a human body.

In Meditation or Trance, do not Crave or attach to a 5 sensory experience, if a 5 sensory experience comes, let it come, if it is absent, let it be so...

In Acceptance you open the Pathways to the "Knowings"....

Universe always says, "Trust us, We are always with you."..The one who forgets this message or disbelieves, has a deep feeling of loneliness, fear and deep seated sadness.

Those who Accept the inevitable and still trust the process of the Universe, enter the world of 'Knowings'..

Today's message is also a Universal Download ~ A Knowing to be relayed to all. It will reach where it is supposed to, it will be picked by those who are ready for the Journey beyond the 5 senses.

Welcome to the 5th Spiritual Dimension.

Blessings !

Renuka Gupta, HART Founder


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