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Three unknown Clair's

Hello all,
I am m glad to have found an article By Emily Matweow who talked about extra Clair's, something which I was thinking about just today. Find this a good self reflective read, as anybody can have these Clair's. I have added 3 new Clair's after her article. So do read till the end. 🙂 Article by Emily Matweow can be found in the link pasted below Three More Clairs below added by Renuka Gupta 1. Clairwriter It may sound similar to Automated writing, but it is not. Here the person shows the ability of being a clairwriter , once the person types, emails, document, texts messages, the answers seem to come out in a flow as guidances or answers to questions asked 2. Clairreader Here the person has the ability to not go completely through the entire book or article and rather attends to those words and lines and pages automatically through mere skimming to understand the whole concept and relate to ones experience automatically.  3. Clairtech I use this term, funnily and yet it is a true Clair. It is almost similar to Clair reader, but the person seems to have an ability to brilliantly go directly to the article one is searching for digitally or on other technological gadgets. It is asthough the article / topic just appears in the front. One quickly finds the information one is searching for within minutes instead of spending hours to find more about the topic of interest. 

I hope you enjoyed these New Clairs. 

Leave your comments if you too are one of the above Clairs. Would love to read your experiences.

Blessings 🙂🙏🏻By Renuka Gupta, PhD

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