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Messages from the Angelic Realm

Angel Haniel says....

How a human mind drops into a Corruption mode

"All the families an individual comes from, they never teach this. All the cultures and examples are full of stories of Great Men, Great Deeds and how it has shaped the entire world and yet a human mind drops into a corruption mode."

Time to Rise

"It is very interesting to note the dyamic shifts occuring across the entire universe, Earth has been the center point and crucial in the way it has been processing the shifts. Many know these are times of extreme negativity around, which each one of you have experienced in the year 2020. The ripple effects continue to float. This is a time when all will rise to its extreme and then there will be a big bang, a burst and there will be a realization to all those beings who are constantly engaging in acts which not only hampers them but the larger community. They believe the acts they do are going to build them up and make them smarter beings on this planet, however they are degrading their soul level even below than the Energy levels of the Earth, and these beings will reach the energy dimensions where existence in itself is going to be very difficult. It is time to shine and time to become right, it is time to share and believe that each one is working for each others good all the time, instead of just focusing on what ones selfish requirements are".

Messages have been related multiple times across eras and Dimensions

"I understand these messages have already come many many times amidst Humanity, not only in this era but many eras before. It seems that the humans just tend to forget and they rise at the soul level after death, the soul sees the deeds and then repents.

The deeper the deeds, the harsher the consequences that the soul has to come back to Earth to pay. A Soul cannot rise above the plane as many others are dropping down their layers of consciousness, and choosing to remain n a lower vibrational state".

All Rise Together

"It is time to rise and believe in the highest good for everyone. It does not mean that one has to keep judging whether this is right for the person or not which many of us do, as we believe this is how a "good" or "right" thing needs to be".

The meaning of Goodness

"The goodness in which One believes is the good and right we talk about, and each persons definition of it is different. Goodness is, how much contribution are you making in other people's Life. Is this contribution adding more into their growth or evolving them. This is the measure of Goodness and for this each person needs to realize who they truly are.

They are not just limited to their physical body that they exist in but they are a part of this Universe, a Universe with plenty of possibilities and having a space to accommodate everyone in it. It is time to let go of the lower emotions- Jealous, Lack, Anger, Sadness, Anxiety. Recognize that everything plays a role in contributing to your Life".

The Play of Gratitude

There are many on this Earth who PLAY with the concept of Gratitude, as they still do not understand the depth of this word. Just by saying a thank you from the heart and not just say it, but feel it creates a ripple of vibrations that raises the frequency level of each individual. How much are you truly observing and absorbing at the same time?

Work together, work in Union is the message from our Realm Today.

Blessings and Healing

HART Founder and Practitioner - Renuka Gupta

Intra-Inter Galactic Connector - Gurjot Kaur



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