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Universal light energy speaks to us today

"I am the energy keeper of your planet, my role is to make sure that, all the souls that come on this planet, come in their proper form and do not get dismantled by other energies while they take birth.

Today I come here to share with you, the kinds of energies that are floating and will be floating in your near future.

Let us start with the present. The entire world is now divided exactly into two parts. One who are hopeful for a bright future inspite of the uncertainities they are facing with life, while the others are creating lower emotions - they are fearful, having a lot of anger , which is being generated in their present situation. They just want to break through all these barriers and come to their original life. These two sects of people that have been divided are soon going to be separate from each other. The one working with loving energies, are being hopeful and have a vision of the future which is bright, enlightening will progress with Earth.

Reason for me to come here today to discuss this is because the ones with the lower energy, the ones who are operating with so called 'negative emotions' need to find a way to release them. You have taken enough time to experience and live it, and relive it, now are the times when you let it go.

The future was always uncertain, there is nothing that you planned would have come through, and so it is now. Instead of believing that the situations have turned worst, take inspirations from these people although in small number, but join them in their vision of hope. If you let your fears down, give them space to leave, you can soon join this new lot, that is progressing into a very new space.

Today is more of a message for the ones with disturbed mind or disturbed relationships inside or outside their home, everything is going to find a new direction, all you need to do is trust it, rather than rechecking or being a detective behind finding faults into the present situation.

Whatever you feel about the governments of the world, the higher powerful bodies that are functioning, whatever steps they have been taking, these are your own reflections, learn from them. If they are going to manipulate your lives, are you supposed to contribute in the same manner?

Choose differently, look for opportunities which are right there in front of you. Join a different set of people, and see how your life unfolds itself into a beautiful and more balanced.

Let me discuss now what is going to happen in the near future. Trust, faith, love, respect are the new waves that will keep floating and if you tune your vibrations to these waves, you shall float with them.

Earth will split, will crack, Earth will shower and flood, there will be winds and fire but altogether it will separate the good ones, the progressive ones from the deteriorating ones. The energies of being with oneself, realizing that there is more dimensions to just your physical body, will be the new reality.

As you see , since ages it has been promoted on planet earth that exercise has to be a part of your daily routine, also how you eat and work. The new aspect that will turn into a mandate which will be a human realization, is that of meditation. Meditation soon is going to be your way of tapping into your potentials, into that grey matter which since centuries has been untouched , and somehow have stopped being active in your functioning. There will be contacts from different planets, they are as alive as you are. There will be relationships being built with those who live on diff planets and have a higher awareness than what you presently have. It will be a time of inter-planetary exchange where the wisdom from the higher one will flow. Making it possible to create a channel, literal physical channel to these other planets . Now many would ask why is this exchange so important?

This is going to give you new set of living patterns, new ways of viewing your lives, also will help you to set new targets to achieve them. There will be newer creations and their base is going to be respect, love harmony and peace. In order to reach to these newer spaces, newer times a lot of cleansing is happening and will continue to happen. We will make sure that all of you who have contracted in this life, reach there with all the others and begin a new form of community living. Wherein each individual is valued with their own capacities.

As soon you will realize that everyone has their own powers and these powers are not repeated. They only work when utilized in correspondence to others. They have no meaning when they stand independently, but when worked in collaboration shows wonders. This is how the communities will flourish.

That is how you have to witness. There are newer trickier things coming. There are many celestial beings trying to contact this planet. Till the time the illusions of fear, hatred and anger are not diminished, these connections will not be clearly visible to a human mind. However energetically all of you will be connecting. If your dreams turn out to be more weird and random, accept them, as these are the downloads that are happening to adjust to these new frequencies."

Therapist - People vibrating at lower levels, in the upcoming future where will they go?

"Interestingly there will be a divide of this planet. If I explain it to you , an Earth will come out from this Earth and the ones who chose to rise, will move with the Eart that is floating like air and the denser Earth would stay in this position. It is a very subtle process that will take place and only the ones who are connected will get the messages of the process, while the rest will just move, as they are kind at heart and wish to live the way they are by not interfering into anything, and mind their own business and this is what will give priority to such people to enter the space.

We are all complete as a whole. We are all the mates of the same cluster. But it also depends upon the choices each soul makes and how the human mind taps into those choices and works upon. Interestingly many minds have chosen not to rise presently, but by this message that we are sending across and the energies that we are floating many would shift. We are trying to give the example of the ones who are lighter in nature, while the ones who still wish to experience the drama and trauma will stay. That does not mean their lives are turning miserable , it is just going to flow at the same pace. Till the time they are ready to move to this side of the sphere. The earth's although will be separate, but will be in connection.

Earth is now an energy body, the realization has already creeped into the awareness of this planet. The transition for all beings on this planet is going to be smooth and not as drastic as experienced previously. Everything will be more subtle, the ones who are energy sensitive will surely witness this shift, while the rest will just move. My work is now complete and am very grateful both of you to give me the space to communicate. I have also been communicating to other members ( humans, animals, and other living beings ) of this planet and each one of them are doing their duty and so I am honoured. Thank you."

Therapist -Gratitude and blessings to you and all universal beings, the children of the source. Blessings to all.

"So be it."

By Renuka Gupta, PhD Intra-Inter Galactic connector Gurjit Kaur 



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