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Unpredictability is Beautiful

HART session began with suggestions of going into the Earth's crust and beyond.

Universe speaks through the inter-intragalactic connector Gurjot.

"I am in the space of randomness"

Therapist - What is this randomness about, what is it speaking?

"Both the particles are moving randomly, but if I look from far there is a pattern. They say that everything in the universe is random, it is just that that human eye wants to find patterns and so it creates patterns around."

Universl Randomness is Unpredictability

"It is in randomness that the connections can be established. It is not in the patterns or symmetry that the connections come into play."

Universe have questions for us

"When everything is random, the universe asks the humans on earth, what are you trying to discipline yourselves about? What is this concept of discipline for you?

What makes you follow a plan so strictly l, that you start destroying yourself, compromising with things and becoming burdened due to walking that path?

Embrace the randomness of the situations, these randomness is what is called as unpredictability of life because this is how everything connects to everything else.

Planet Earth is Special

A key will find its lock, a lock will find its openings through experiences on the planet Earth. The experiences on planet Earth are the vital force and the prime Force of existence as well as realizations.

The universe asks everyone today, to open themselves to experiences, rather than locking themselves into homes. As the situation demands that you need to be inside homes there is a higher purpose as you move out.

As you move out, you let go of the fears, as you move out, you understand the practicality of the situations ,you realize what is true and what is false. It is through the experiences into the randomness when one starts finding the balance."

Monotony cause Boredom

"Many have routines and when these routines are practiced for a long time, they become monotonous and the person becomes very bored. This happens because a human mind, the human system when it was established, it came into existence from the random universe.

When this human mind is strictly put into a pattern, that is a routine, it tries to jump out of it and shows resistance. The way to go about with your days and with your situations is, being aware of what is required by yourself and the inner being that is inside of you.

Not everyday needs to be followed the way you have decided, as everything and everyone is working towards attaining the ultimate freedom the ultimate Moksh."


"Moksh is freedom from this process, of routines of a cycle , of a pattern. Ask yourself what makes you feel free? What would you like to do, that will make you feel the freedom within yourself?

What will it take for you, to let go of your boundaries, to think and see beyond the boundaries of your mind?"

Living in boundaries

"The boundaries that are within you, that you feel that this is the only limit that you can reach within yourself, how much more can you go beyond, that is what freedom is.

Each and every human being on the planet has the sense, but they do not listen to it, they do not listen to it because of their conditionings or they just want to fit into the space that they are living at the moment.

Break that, today a huge awareness has opened the portals on this planet and the wisdom are flowing, embrace those wisdoms."

Therapist - For the mental and physical health a Routine of meditation, excercise or a specific waking up time, routine of sleeping time, eating, drinking time, isn't that vital for a human body ?

"It isn't, it depends on the requirement of the body, every body is different from the other. Not everybody needs a routine. There needs to be a sense of your body, that your body is telling you to have something, or not to have something, to do something or not to do something."

Follow the Voice

"If you follow that pattern or voice that comes from within you, you will realize that it does not have a specific pattern, but it responds to what is required for the functioning of the body at that moment."

Way of Meditation

"When you talk about Meditations, many people feel that meditating for an hour or two, or three hours, or 30 minutes, following certain patterns, creating certain sounds and speaking certain words etc is what is meditation, not necessarily.

Meditation can be anything and everything, and when it becomes a monotonous pattern, the body starts resisting it and this causes one to get into another pattern, and doubts about themselves begin, leading to stop listening to their higher being (inner energy self/healer within) that is guiding them.

Similarly talking about food, the body does not require same kind of food every day and the same amount of food everyday and at the same time, it is what the routine that has been created, because many stopped listening to their bodies and so a pattern was created."

Become a Baby

"When you look at a baby that is born on this planet, the child asks for food when it is required, excretes and pees when it is required, many kids for the longest time, for atleast the firs year, does not have a specific pattern, unless the parents instill it, that is the original awareness of the body, when it comes to food.

When it comes to excercising or going around, it is different everyday, because as the food differs, so does the amount of excercise or type of movement required for a body differs. So listen to that voice, instead of installing a pattern as prescribed by somebody in your life.

Therapist - So the notion that ,shape of the body is equivalent to fitness, this race which people have gotten into, do you have any guidances for them, to give them direction and healing ?

"As you rightly said that it is a race, every generation on this earth, come up with something new, new ideas, which makes them feel fulfiled, which makes them feel they have achieved a target, and this is the new trend followed by many people.

The more they run towards it, the more breakdown they will have, and that will lead them to more awareness of their own body."

"If you look at yourself ( addressing the therapist) , you do not follow a specific pattern, but you are aware what your body requires and accordingly you keep shifting and changing. That awareness when it is heightened, your body guides you even more, your body tells you when to sleep, when to wake up. Even if you have slept an hour the entire night, you are completely fresh because that is the strength and awareness of a human body."

Connect within

"The more connection you have with the human body, the more detachment you will achieve. The entire world, as is obsessed with the bodies and looking in a certain way, and behaving in a certain way with their bodies, are reaching a point of obsession, that one day it will break, and that breaking will lead them to turn inward into listening to themsleves."

Therapist- Because that breaking will be a randon unpredictable event.

"Yes and hence the randomness".

Therapist - Beautiful.

"As the session began today, the healing began for all mankind, all the living organisms, non living organisms of this planet."

Therapist - Beautiful.

"The shift that the earth had already settled in and now it is the time for all the elements on the earth to adapt to it. This healing was channeled on the earth, stored in the crust of the earth today.

Beautiful. Gratitude.

HART Founder and Practitioner - Renuka

Inter-Intragalactic Connector Gurjot Kaur


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