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We Give you New Earth

"We are on the #Planet of #Gold today,

The lord of the planet talks today".

#Divine Speaks -

"I am Al-Karaza, and I hold this #planet and it's energy for everyone in this universe. I'm grateful for creating the space that we can connect to planet Earth in a more conscious manner. The space requires a lot of movement now and so we come together to provide that movement to the Earth. All the areas that are the center points of energy on the planet, especially the energy centers on this planet need re-energizing today. Hence the golden planet have taken the responsibility to energize the space. My team has already started working on various centers of the Earth they are working at the equator at the North and the South Pole, they are looking at all the holy places, where the energy centers are available for others to survive, we are changing the grid of pyramids, so that that is massive energy that can be reinstalled in the Earth. This process is happening right now ( 15th of February year 2022 EST 10:30 a.m.)

The places in Australia that again will have a lot of movement , a movement that might not look great in the eyes of the humans, it might turn out to be disturbing events, but those disturbing events are not creating any kind of negative energies, because those energies are being released right now. Spaces require more free area and hence the upliftment is provided and the change in the position of all the beings that live there, takes place through an event which might not look great to a human eye, but it just essential for the progress.

The eastern part of New Zealand will experience earthquakes in the coming times, this is because the new sun is rising there and the pain that country is experiencing will also balance with the Sun.

The movement in the tectonic plates of the Earth is happening because the shifts that have been complete in the deeper layers of the Earth's crust needs to come up and the healing of the upper layers of the crust needs to take place, hence the shift. Although some might lose their lives in this process that is contributing to this shift the purpose is over. Do not worry about what happens to their families, or their work everything will be taken care of.

There are sudden movements in China, there is a political scenario, that is uprising the protest. The misery which has been going on for a long time through the government on the people, the kind of alignment they have created in the minds of the people, the rebel has already initiated. The energy of China needs to balance to match the energy of the Earth. Hence in the coming 8 years, there is going to be lot of uproar in the ways #China functions. The seeds have already been sown and the siblings are already budding.

Smaller places, smaller Islands on Earth will soon move towards it's extinction. Awesome lands go down, there will be other lands which will be appearing. There will be more expansion of human awareness, they will be aware of the potential they will rise to.

The Drastic shifts that are taking place will come up as a new beginning, a new start.

There will be a newborn child in Jerusalem who will show the direction in the coming years. The child will have a short life, but it will create massive awareness and upliftment of consciousness.

America will see it's downfall very soon. An advise to the people who wish to go and make a living there, stay back in their countries and work for their own country. They will have more opportunities and ideas in their own country.

This is not bad, that America is going towards the downfall, it is just to be that they will be erasing the corrupt the negative the soiled roots and the new Crust that is arising, already has started in that country to come up will show new colors, and this old debris will be used as a manure for growth. These years are going to be reference points as to what mistakes are not supposed to be made again.

The great America will be an example for everyone on this Earth. As this happens there will be more Harmony more interdependence and more trust that will spread all across the continents. The difference and the divisions between the hearts will be bridged.

The necessary energies are being installed on this Earth, become aware how you both are contributing to this change.

We are now establishing golden grid all over the Earth, all the portals have been opened , these energies the Earth will keep receiving till 22nd of May and a new cycle will begin on 21st of June which will continue till the month of October. You will see massive changes occurring on planet Earth at this time.

These energies are aligning everybody to their higher purpose, the karma's are releasing at a very fast pace and there are many souls that are entering in beautiful ways. Expand your horizons look beyond your space, shed the past the work is over. We are very very grateful for this opportunity to be in touch with all of you today".

Therapist - Gratitude for opening up to us and being in connection to all of us on Earth through #Gurjot. Gratitude.

"#Blessings to the entire planet #Earth and mankind for its contribution and for every being for making this planet so beautiful.

We are taking all the heavy energies from Earth, to a place that it belongs to. Thank you again we give you a new Earth."

Therapist - Lots of gratitude and blessings, let the New Earth begin.

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