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Womb experience - Different Stages

HART Modality explores the The Womb Journey

At each stage how a baby feels in the mother's womb is beautifully narrated as a subject undergoes deep trance using HART. The subject no remembers everything she felt.

After induction and deepening, HART journey open the Womb experience. Statements in Italics are questions posed by the therapist.

As a tiny entity before being born in this physical worlds, let us know how you feel within and beyond you in the womb , let the universe be around you during this process ?

Let the body sense..

"It is such a happy sensation, turning right, left, up and down, the water

What else do you sense, do you sense the womb ? The emotions of the womb?

"I like the taste of the food, and now I sense anxiety".

Know what is the anxiety about..

"Of being left alone

Anxiety of my mother, she feels very lonely"

What is she thinking to feel that anxiety?

"She is anxiousy thinking if she should come back home or not, back to my father. She is also anxious if her own father (my grandfather) will understand her situation."

Can you sense in her body, apart from anxiety what is it that you are feeling in the body.

"She is also looking forward to hold the child in her hands".

Does she talk to you? What does she talk to you about?

A Baby remembers your words of love, spoken in the Womb.

"This is something she even says today “my child” (मेरा बच्चा)

There is lot of love, and it gives a lot of peace to my heart"

Take few more steps back in this Journey, being in a smaller state in that same womb, go back....

A baby can detach itself from an experience happening outside, which is unhappy.

"I seem to be very excited, excited about everything that is happening. It is like I am on a roller coaster trying to learn everything in just fraction of seconds, I am not concerned about what is happening outside. I can hear noises, people fighting over somebody, or something, I do not know. I am just too happy.

I know it is my mother’s womb, but I am not concerned about who she is talking to. There is a lot of noise, and I am not liking that noise, so I am shutting myself to it.

I am very very tiny. My ears have started developing, my legs and feet have started growing a little bigger, finding its shape, but not completely. I can sense the beating in the center of my body, as the body is not yet defined."

The Heart

"I am looking forwards for this journey, I do not feel trapped, I feel it is time for reparation.

Purpose of Birth

Why did you choose to be a part of this Womb ?

"I was born into this womb to channel all the wisdom that I have gatherd from various timelines. Altogether I am excited as this is going to be a major shift into my birth cycles. I know it. It is very different from all that I have gone through."

The baby chooses the Womb

Go a few steps before you entered the womb, what were you ?

"I am interacting with my mother in her dreams,

I am a soul, she (mother) believes in the existence of God, she believes there is a higher force which is guiding her. She welcomes me in her dreams with a message, which she does not remember."

But you remember now, what is it?

"I came to her with a message that she going to be supported all her life, as she wanted a companion of her kind, as she always prayed for one and the higher beings have answered and I chose to be the one with her."

Baby Chooses

How did you make a choice to be with her and not with anyone else?

How did you engage only in her dream and not in anyone elses?

"She has been a soul with me, supporting, many times when I came to earth in a life form, in this particular life it is not only me who is supporting her, but she in turn gives me the base to grow.

She has taken up the role of being the nurturer in my soul group and that is what she offers to everybody around me".

The womb experiene ends... followed with more detailed messages about the person and her family (keeping those confidential)

Blessings !

Renuka Gupta - HART Founder and Practitioner


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