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Year 2021 ends for 2022

"It is the light that wishes to speak to us today, these are times that are changing very rapidl, times where many realize all the things that they are trying to pull into their lives, but all of that, seems to be not in alignment of the growth.

Movement towards Union

It is time to realize that this pulling does not require conscious effort, things keep changing and so these desires will also change in time. At the earthly level there is a lot of movement of energy, movement of light beings, movement of the ones that are distorted. This movement is moving towards Union where there is no separation, no separation between dark, no separation between light, no separation between what is higher and what is lower. There is movement of oneness where everything combines together and becomes one. This happens at the cosmic level and at the Earth's energy level, and it'll be reflected in the human interactions as well.

Merging to the Center - The Balance

All the experiences that the humans have had in the past which involves extreme realities like it is the two ends, all of it will start merging in the center. There will be greater acceptance of the differences, there is a possibility where each one will embody all of those differences.

When it is embodied in the body the differences doesn't remain as they were in the past.

Hardships Ease but...

The hardships that the humans had, have already started easing, and it is happening because the change that each one took or chose to learn from. Hence it is important to understand that the the ones who are still blind to the change and wants to be rigid in their realities, will have a harsh end. The souls are not impacted by this harsh end, it is the human body which is going to be impacted and as everybody knows the human body is made of the five elements of nature and so it will merge back and be one with these five elements, and unite back to oneness.

All are Transcending

It is the body which is suffering and not the soul. The bodies are having a harsh end while the souls are transcending to another level. The ones who have been killed by the others will also transcend, ones who committed the crimes will translate into a greater height of understanding, because they are ending all the baggages they have been carrying from their past lives or anything that they have created in their minds, all is moving towards oneness, all is coming to an end."

Therapist - When you say the end, the end on earth, if you could explain that a little bit?

As mentioned earlier it is the end of the miseries, the end of the hardship, the end of having no money, being bullied by others, death of near and dear ones and going through that pain, not having material pleasures, and only envying the others who have them, all of it is being destroyed and removed from human consciousness.

2022 - The new Space

There is going to be a greater comfort into this new space that each one is entering because each one have their own share of realizations and learnings. The initial part of 2022 might seem difficult for some, however majorly all the people are going to enter the space with more zeal and enthusiasm, and this zeal and enthusiasm after many years, is going to sustain the entire year 2022.

Flow of Higher Vibrations

There is going to be a flow of higher vibrations, the learnings will be easier than what it used to be in the past. Every human will realize their own potentials and how they can use these potentials to collaborate with others and to find ways out there won't be difficult.

Better Human Beings

Every path will open into several paths of Transcending into a better human being, with higher values and contribution to each other and to the life as a whole. The elements on the Earth that constitute the Earth are also changing, there will be new discoveries of the metals of different kinds which our human eye has never discovered. That would be the greater understanding about the balance of life that sustains the planet and they would be more efforts to find this balance and be a part of it, instead of becoming the owner in creating it. That is the synchronicity, that is the Union which the Earth is going to experience with the life that sustains here.

When you talk about people who have wronged and they are also going to shift, is it talking about more shift in awareness in the form of walk-ins which is a concept we have not tapped upon, what is that concept , after all how do the souls in a human body existing on earth, tune in with the new vibrational energies ?

"The ones who have done wrong are shedding, they are shedding past karmas and purifying the bodies, this process as mentioned earlier it's going to happen at a very high speed , an accelerated level.


For a body to take birth on Earth it takes a lot of time, however the demands that are happening on the earth requires more wisdom and as the shedding happens, the pain goes away , the body is purified, this is when the old Souls with Wisdom enter. The higher soul is another way of calling it or the ones who have been givers of knowledge, the guides, the ancestors.

The walk-ins are just the ones who come and take charge of the body when the original soul in the body does not wish to move ahead , does not have the capacity to go on."

Walk-ins are the Union with a Higher Soul

"Others see walk- in as another soul entering, but rather it is just the union with the higher soul, where the wisdom of the higher soul comes into the body and starts operating. The union can also happen where the souls have split into multiple beings, it is a union of all the beings into that body and then the wisdom where all the beings have come together in one body, it starts contributing to the Earth and at other levels , creating massive shifts, and awarenesses. It is a collective process, requires the will of the person, the will of the body, to go through the process of shedding. Shedding requires a lot of patience to go through the pain, because this pain is gross and the wisdom is very light."

Therapist - What happens to those who lose their mind and are lost in Life, do they once again gain back their cognitive abilities due to a walk in ?

Again the choice is with the body and the human who lives in that body, to take up the charge and move ahead in this lifetime or to completely start, the new life in a 2 new body.

Soul continues.

A lot of people who have done wrong in the past have a cognitive realization that they have not contributed enough for the collective consciousness. So they do have a lot of irritation with the bodies they carry or are in and so, the destruction of the body becomes necessary, as the soul does not want to go ahead with that body.

For the others who are willing to go through the pain of releasing, did find a lot of other souls (Human guides and higher beings) pushing them ahead and creating space for them, where they can discover their own selves and bring in the light. So with the wisdom of the light within (the Divone), one moves towards the Union with the Divine faster than ever before.

Blessings !

Gurjot Kaur Inter-Intra Galactic Connector
HART by Renuka Gupta ( founder of HART)


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