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About Insurance

I know sometimes Insurance plans gets confusing, that is why I felt the need to explain it to you more clearly, so that everything goes smooth for you, when it comes to submitting claims and receiving the insurance amount into your bank account.

Both Psychologist and Psychotherapist offer "Psychotherapy"

1. If your insurance Plan Covers a Registered Psychotherapist, then you get receipts directly from my clinic. 

2. If your insurance Plan Covers a Registered Psychologist, then you get receipts from a Clinic I am affiliated to, having a Clinical Psychologist.

I am a fully Registered Psychotherapist with College of Psychotherapist of Ontario, but when it comes to insurance covering a Psychologist, the word " Supervision is used".


'Supervised psychological practice' occurs when services are provided by someone who is not a psychologist, under the supervision of someone who is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario who accepts full legal and ethical responsibility for your care.


Most insurance plans will cover services provided via supervised psychological practice. Some do not. It is important to clarify what your insurer will cover.

I suggest that you contact your insurer and ask the following question:


“If a Registered Psychologist, who is legally and ethically responsible for my care, is providing services through the supervision of someone who is a Registered Psychotherapist from CRPO , Ontario , are these services covered by my plan?”


If your insurance plan does not cover "supervised" psychological services, please read below to view your options for next steps.

No Coverage For Supervised Psychological Practice? Here Are Your Options:

  • You can provide your Insurer with a letter to advocate for coverage under supervised psychological practice. Some clients have had success getting coverage this way.

  • You can provide your employer with a letter advocating for coverage of services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist (assuming your plan does not already cover Registered Psychotherapists). Please click the PDF file below to download a letter that you can provide to your employer. Some clients have had success getting coverage this way.

If you still have questions, I am just an email away :-)

Blessings to you !

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