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112 Techniques of Ascension

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra :

112 Techniques by Shiva to obtain Enlightenment.

Translated and interpretations added to reference source by Renuka Gupta from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra , Reference : evening Sandhya.

Proof Reading : Mayank Tripathi

"The one in Bondage is a BEING, the one who is boundless is SHIVA.

When questions were asked to Shiva, the energy answered these techniques, as direct answers is not the way to find ones purpose or solutions in this life time. The guru and the disciple both are within us. Shiva explains us the techniques through which we find our own answers in this lifetime and beyond. Whichever technique you feel connected to, practice it daily. Blessings to all.

1. Observe the gap between two breaths.

Observe the subtle, non physical, another dimension. The space between two breaths, observe, be in awareness, do not try hard, it should occur naturally. We tap the state of no being, nothingness. We become fearless ( Bhairav)

2. When a breath moves inwards and outwards, there is a turn between breaths. The breath going inward and coming out are actually the same breath.

At every breath turn there is a new experience happening, we tap into more subtle experiences. This is where transformation occurs.

3. Whenever the breath goes in and out and meets, tap onto energy and no energy space.

This space is in the navel region. Observe this naval region. That is when we gain self awareness.

4. When a breath goes out and pauses, or when a breath come back in and pauses, it is in these pauses that a beings shudra ego dissolves ( during difficulties our breath suddenly goes into a pause, this is the time during which we never sense our human ego, as we are in pain or trauma). Cosmic stillness is achieved when we observe the breath pause during such traumatic events, and this observation is not so easy. It needs daily practice of observing the breath pauses. Example, many suddenly transform after near death experiences.

Ashudra ego: Impure  or  excessive Thoughts both damages health.

Body wisdom: Keep the mind simple, observe the body to keep it healthy,

When we are angry, even then there are pauses, and observing such pauses dissolves the Ashudra Ego.

5. Between the eyebrows focus ones attention, this is where the third eye center also exists. If the concentration becomes well aligned on this slot, we begin becoming aware of our thoughts. We become an observer of our thoughts.

Usually we are merely reaction experiencers, example, when one is angry, one feels and senses anger in the body, but when one becomes the observer of this anger, the reactions of the body begins to dissolve.

We also need to visualize while focusing on the spot between the eyebrows, that our Prana, the energy is getting filled in this spot. Also further visualize, that this energy moves at the top of the head, the crown chakra. This showering of energy in the crown chakra area is like giving us a new beginning in Life.

6. Focus between the interval of incoming and outgoing breath while doing ones daily routine, so that our mind is more focused, that is when we become from a doer to an experiencer. We become more centered, we become an observer to the same activities we are doing.

7. When we are sleeping and about to fall asleep, and we observe the subtle energy breath going towards the heart, it is between sleep and the breath energy reaching the heart, that one can be more aware and alert to our dreams, where even the activation of our third eye chakra is sensed.

We become the owner of our dreams, we realize that these are dreams and we detach from dream states, which is why we stop dreaming, knowing that it is all an illusion.

Sleep and Death are almost similar, Death js a much more deeper sleep. Due to dreams we do not have sleep deep, we are more engrossed in our dream state.

When the crown chakra energy, while sleeping reaches the heart center, we have control on dream and death.

With every incoming breath the energy comes in, this energy remains in the body and the outgoing breath is empty without any energy attached to it.

When we are nearing death, this above phenomena reverses, the incoming breath is empty and the outgoing breath has the energy, which is expelled from the body.

When we perceive the energy in our breath, we can sense the day  when our death is nearing, that is because approximate 6 months before this phenomena begins, where the energy viabreath leaves the body, and the incoming breath no longer has the adequate amount of energy which we need.

8. This technique works well with those observing the heart chakra and follow the path of worship to be awakened.

When a breath is inhaled, there is a meeting point of it before it dissolves, so keeping the gratitude with every incoming breath is suggested. Keeping gratitude towards everything we do in life and thanking the God/ Divine universe for it.

9. Visualize as though one is dead. Loosen up the body, and since the body has died, visualize one can no longer move the body, like how we experience during a shavasana. If we find stillness in this visualization, we can sense everything has changed, without moving the eyeballs, keeping it fixated, we tap the third eye chakra energetically. While doing an act/ movement, become the act / movement. While drinking water, sense the water and not how you drank and the throat felt the water, forget the thirst.

10. On Love - Love doesn't think of the past or future. It lives in the present moment. Which is why in a human world, often it is said that Love is Blind.

Shiv energy said to enter Love like an eternal, never fading life.

Present is not a moment of time, it is a moment of eternity.

The past and future is a part of TIME, the present is eternal, not passing away, so it is not a part of Time.

Often when we remain in the past, our mind travels to the future as well, but when we remain in the present, we go deeper into the NOW.

When we are living in a past or future, our journey is horizontal, the moment we begin to live in the present moment, the Journey becomes vertical, which means we soar high, or go deeper within.

To enter eternity, the first doorway is through Love. Love can become a form of deep meditation, in which Compassion and Love generates in abundance within.

11. We perceive the outside world with our 5 senses. When we shut these 5 sensory doors, we stop experiencing the world outside us. When we shut experiencing the world around us, we stop sensing our own body as well, this is when tranformation happens.

Example like sensing on which surface one is sitting, when one stops sensing it, one goes more deeper within and connects to the Divine Energies.

12. Practicing meditation or prayer with a siddha asan, the energy can be sensed in a spiral motion, such that we feel weightless.

The spinal cord need to be straight, so it takes less space and hence the gravitational force is reduced. One can center oneself, by bending in  both sides and front, before aligning ones body to a certain position, and we experience weightlessness.

We stop experiencing the body, and forget its existence. We go beyond our mind in this experience of weighlessness.

13. While meditating, through visualization or with open eyes, focus on a dot on the wall, till it dissolves. If that dot remains a part of our psyche, we go deeper within.

Our mind is forever having several thoughts, so if one focuses on one dot, it is like a battle between the mind and consciosness, the moment our mind stops, in that stationary moment what remains is our consciousness.

Mind is not a Matter, it is an activity. Focus ones attention on dissolving the dot, once the dot dissolves, it is like the mind dissolving itself. The action between the mind observing the dot continues for a while and eventually dissolves. When the action of the mind dissolves, we connect to consciousness and eventually remaining in the state of dissolving the mind, the consciousness connects back to the Divine Source. We connect to the origin of our existence, the ONE.

14. Bring ones attention to the Spinal cord. Spinal cord is connected to our entire body. Running through the center of the spinal cord is a silver cord, a delicate nerve like structure, invisible even at the microscopic levels, it can only be seen during meditation. Focusing on this cord, which is actually an 'Energy', is how we connect to the invisible and beyond. Meditate by observing your silver cord and visualizing a silver cord running through its center.

15. When the seven doors of the mind are closed, the seven doors are:  2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nose sides and mouth,  the outside world shuts down for us, and we enter the consciousness. The mind is active because of these seven doorways, till the mind is active, the consciousness remains at bay. Our thoughts are connected to our breath, withough our breath, we cannot have thoughts. When the awareness of breathing stops, our mind halts, and the thoughts dissappear.

When we even physically close our 7 doors, by Brahmari Yog Technique, we activate the third eye energy center. We connect to our Divine Consciosness. As per the Upanishads, the third eye sees the invisible, everything existing and non existing.

16.  The heart is like a lotus, bring the focus of all the senses on your heart. As you focus on the heart, it opens like a lotus flower and it also opens the energy center of the naval region. To reach from crown energy center to naval regions is difficult, so by opening the heart center and connecting to naval energy center becomes easier.

When we have deep love in our heart, this is the energy which connects us to our naval center. This technique is for connecting to our Naval energy center and activating it.

17. Our mind oscillates between two extremities. Our mind living in absolutes, is when we become imbalanced, the mind cannot be centered. When the mind chooses one extreme, it then oscillates to other extreme, which is why decision making often becomes difficult in an unstable mind. When the mind on one extreme feels extreme anger, it goes to another end and feels extreme guilt for being angry, it becomes a vicious cycle. Just like we have the four yugas/ eras, and all our life forms have been moving from one era to another, endlessly, while some souls/ energies have ascended to remaining out of this cycle.

How to break this cycle, by remaining in equanimity, by being centered, not remaining in extremities, by being in awareness of extremities, till one becomes centered.

To be contd.... 🙏✨️

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This series of techniques which is a translation from one of the most ancient scriptures, contains everything from freud's model of mind to buddha's teachings, the zen and daoist practices of meditation and the modern theories of quantum physics, everything encapsulated in one series

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