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Being a "Source" Empath

We have often heard the term Empath, let us revisit the definition of it.

Empaths are individuals who are extremely perceptive of the feelings and emotions of people around them, which typically comes through some intuitive abilities. But sometimes, empaths may face challenges with setting boundaries between themselves and others. Which brings to the point that, the very sensitivity of an Empath can drive them towards trauma and exposing them to their own vulnerabilities. Most Empaths are said to have low self esteem, which is why they can easily become a co-dependent Empath.

A co-dependent empath is someone who have intuitive abilities, but not enough to observe the whole truth happening around them or to deal with the whole truth they are exposed to. Which is why it is said that an empath can also become victims of people with Personality Disorders. Detachment is what they are unable to still learn or implement in action when they come across abusers.

Most Empaths when faced by abusers, can revert back to childhood regression, and relive their childhood trauma for which they might need help themselves.

The quote where, 'extreme sensitivity can also make one vulnerable aptly applies to Empaths'.

Now let us talk about Source Empaths.

Source Empaths, are also highly sensitive, highly intuitive, and have core unshaken self worth and self esteem. What gives a Source Empath an edge to Empaths is the quality of being extremely honest, speaking the truth and being extremely conscientious. They hold Ethics and Moral in their daily walk of life, which makes them the Source Empaths. Source Empaths are those, who are intuitive, but share a higher level of Spiritual Ascension traits, which also develop their clair abilities.

One cannot work towards becoming a Source Empath.

Most Source Empaths are born that ways, as they are specifically born to evolve and help others evolve. They are born with a spiritual mission on Earth, which is why their focus is more on spiritual path than finding their own standing in Society, Status, Monetary or Fame wise.

Source empaths have a deep conviction within themselves that, their basic needs of Food, Water, Shelter is something which they need not work for, rather it is brought to them, which their focus has completely been on Spiritual Evolution of themselves and those around them.

The Source empaths enjoy Silence and Solitude, and when they are by default among people, they socialize with them with ease and wholeheartedly, mostly still focused on subtly carving the evolution path for others. Source empaths function in this world carrying utmost purity of their heart.

Source empaths, are not so easily susceptible to manipulations and accusations like empaths, as said before, they have core high self worth and self esteem, which doesn't put them into guilt , dissapointment or angry modes.

Many people including the ones who are broken from within and need release from their own pain, and even those who have personality disorders are drawn to Source Empaths, as they sense, that controlling a source empath can give them endless amounts of benefits, only to realize, Source Empaths can see through the abusers clearly and do not fall for their plan.

Source empaths can easily detach from situations and people who use others to their advantage and have no boundaries nor respect boundaries set up by others.

Source empaths are made from a different cloth altogether, the Practice of Detachment might make others see them as unempathetic or cold or with a high ego, but rather they are highly compassionate, empathetic and true to the core in helping all, but very alert to those who have boundary keeping issues, who are classic manipulators. With Manipilators, it takes a Source Empath zero time to detach without any remorse. Source Empaths for a while do give time to experience and check the manipulative patters of those with Personality Disorders, and their answer to every manipulation is the ability to find their own path and solutions without giving in to be an easy victim of abuse. They are able to rise above manipulations and find light even through the path of darkness laid out by abusers.

Source Empaths choose to eventually detach completely, once having complete experience and knowledge of the situation around them, and they take them out of the equation of becoming a victim, like an abuser wants them to be.

Source Empaths are often originally Detached from everyone and everything. Detachment is something quite misunderstood by many, it doesn't mean cutting all ties, meetings and communications, although with personality disorder abusers, this is the path due to boundary violations done by the abuser, but detachment here simply means

Disconnecting oneself without putting any efforts mentally or physically to remain in an undisturbed Still State. One remains in this still state regardless of the chaos around.

If you are a Source empath, you can relate to everything above.

If you are a co-dependent Empath and do find others energies, their Physical presence, Words, Behaviors impacting you and pulling you down, take the necessary help and work on developing the core self esteem and Self Worth before exposing yourself back to the world.

Meditate more. Blessings. 🙏🌟💞

Traits of Source Empaths:

Strong Intuitions

See through others

Emotionally Sensitive

High self esteem

Natural Detachment

Prefer Solitude

High Self Worth



Spiritually evolved


Truth speakers



Absence of Wordly Desires


Core Inner Strength

Not victimized

Detectors of Abusers

Born Source Empaths

Straight talkers

Firm speakers

Peace loving

Mission to help others


Definitions as per online Network Data

Codependent empaths have the dual problems of weak boundaries and disconnection from themselves, while being highly sensitive to other people. They're vulnerable to abuse for several reasons: They seek love and intimacy, but shame makes it difficult to receive.


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