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Buddha and Shiva shares the Divine messages

"Warm greetings to the Buddha in you and in every soul that is existing in this universe."

Therapist - Greetings !

Today I ask the answers that we all seek from the Divine from the Akashic readings, from the Psychic readers, from anyone who connects to us. Tell us the right way or the right questions or the right knowledge to be seeked by us all when we connect. Show us the way to connect to you and what should be our level of communication with you? How should we actually communicate? What is the purpose of these communications and how could we enhance the purpose, of at all?

Gurjot -My ears iching horribly..

Buddha speaks

"As there are different realms in this universe, you reach these realms differently (with HART ). Similarly with the kind of tools of communication (HART Suggestions are constantly shifting as they are taken from previous guidances) with the higher vibrations which you have encountered, there are different enegeries that they tap into.

It is your soul that decides which energy does it want to communicate with, which realms of beings it wants to communicate with, and that opens up the path of your work and your purpose."

Therapist- I just allow the energies to come, whichever energies wants to connect, is that the right way of going?

"I am trying to answer your question."

Therapist – Please go ahead.

(Gurjot couldn't connect further and was back, it rarely happens so, rather for the first time it happened today. She was gicen further suggestions and the connection was established. Her ears were itching more once again, so the bodily sensation was taken care of by the intervention of the Divine, her conscious mind was put to sleep and she connected.)

Shiva talks today again -

"Hello Renuka,

It is Shiva here"

T- What is happening to Gurjot’s ears?

"They are shifting new energies, the resistances are going down."

T- - Beautiful. She was very disheartened by a reading done recently. Before we proceed with your messages, would you like to give your peace to her.

"She has been put to sleep in my lap, and the rest is taken care of."

T - Today you are here for a reason. I remain silent now. You know all the questions I have. Go ahead with your messages.

"A human being when they come to this planet that is socialised and grows up, is always eager and curious to know about the future. So the human kind has developed various methodologies & systems to understand and predict the probable future that is possible. How much to trust, what comes out of these systems of operations depends upon the person , as still the life is in their hands, and the probable futures can shift in micro milliseconds in this earth’s plane.

There are many human beings who have shown how these miracles can take place.

So when these guidances are taken, to see the goodness in it, and developing your potential capacity, your character, your energies or to get clarity on which path to walk. The walking still has to be done by you, whether you term it as good or bad."

"As it was earlier mentioned that there are various tools mankind has developed, each of it taps into a different energy field and gets information from the beings of that space. Again I would like to mention that all these are probable things and not the reality unless you make it. The choice is in your hands, the soul that you are.

When you take up different modules in systems of reaching the higher realms there are different guidances based on which realm you are touching, it comes to your awareness. It is your soul who is ready for what kind of message it needs to receive, as each gives you a new learning. When these messages are taken as a learning, the lives work smoothly.

As you are aware of the challenges that are going to come forth and you can prepare yourself well to deal with it. It also depends upon whether those challenges are going to come at what period of time. It is also your wish when do you want to face those challenges so that you can complete your lesson."

T- Complete the lesson in this life time which we are born in?

"Yes! "

What are the challenges we all need to take in to finish lessons of this Life?

"Every human being has to learn to live in the moment now. As you all know the future of this planet looks very bad to many, which in a way from our perspective is a new path of sowing seeds and blessings so the uncertainty and darkness that is been seen has to be absorbed at the moment and to be worked upon. When they are worked upon at this momen, your vibrations will shift as you know and the darkness is not as bad as it looks like.

There are other creations in this darkness which you have been blind to because you have always been running for light, the beauty which is only seen in the light. Now is the time to see the beauty in the darkness and darkness is much calmer than the light. It instils peace. It is just a perspective as to how do you want to view it.

This system is not functioning, and the new system of functioning is a bit scary.

Since many centuries this reality was taken away from the mankind as they forced itself onto every other being on this planet. With this shifting reality, mankind has once again come back to that space in life, as it was used to. In this moment for mankind it is the initial struggle to adjust and once the turmoil settles, it gives a new path to work upon. These are the eventualities to be worked upon.

Many opportunities to discover the unlimited potential of each being on this planet and how the coexistence can flourish, how each being can be a contribution to each others journey will now be discovered. I would rather say the time is now on this planet and the work has already begun.

Many have being facing the darker realities of life and it is absolutely okay because this is what is making one more independent, self reliant. You have taken to achieve much higher values and inspirations of life and functioning at a level of fulfilling the needs."

T- Why is it so difficult for one to believe ones own knowings or intuitions?

"It is the human expectation to happen life in a certain way."

T – Is it wrong to expect?

"It is wrong to believe, that it will happen only in a specific way, as it creates more expectations, and these expectations in turn becomes heavier on the human system to deal with. This has been the quest of all humans since last 20 years on this planet to be able to manage your expectations, to be able to deal with them without being affected by their routines."

Our souls have written the blueprints

"Even if the blueprints are revealed, the human mind will only expect to function in a certain way and will not tap into its potentials to create even more than the blueprints. There are many brackets in this blueprints, but when the human is given multiple choices whatever they choose from those choices, either it simplifies the blueprint and pulls it down, in either ways there is a journey, either ways they are going to reach all the goals they have decided in this lifetime.

There is a lot more to achieve. There is no time in the space above the earth, in the higher dimensions, it is very essential for the human to understand that if he wishes to achieve something which is already present in the blueprints in the later halves, all the consecutive journey, it can be pulled into Now in this part of their life, in this particular time by consistent efforts."

T - I was not even aware as shared earlier by the Divine, that I have started living the purpose if my next life in this life, so if I was not aware, how did it happen?

"As your human mind does not function as how others function on this plane. It works at a very different level, and you have been a person who constantly wants to make people's life better and with that work and the contributions that you have been making in people's life, the work that you have been making them to do in their lives. You in this life time reached the ultimate goal of your life. Your will to still work towards more and more beings to be enlightened in their soul path, helped you bring what was in store in the next journeys, into this Lifetime. It is that easy, it is that simple where you choose to work on your part.

When you brought into reality the blue prints of your next life, the human selves in this plane is trying to absorb it. Rather is also taking time to absorb it. As it is something that this human body had not seen when you were a child and the blueprint was being revealed to it. So again your body has gone back in that system of being a child which is now become in tune with this new lifetime, in this new journey that you have already set onto, and so the resistance. It will all settle in time, you have been given messages for it. All you need to do is to trust your path. Without your knowings your new journeys will start. "

T- For all to be in awareness and too be walking on their soul path with more depth, they have to help others and this they have to do on whichever role they are in, right?

"When you say you have to help others, in every term you are helping yourselves, so it is not about helping others, but about helping yourself. The ones who will understand this will set a way faster mode of reaching and completing their soul Purpose of this life time. The others will get lost in the words that has been raised at the moment."

"A blessing has been reaching all of you at the moment. You think of any of us, a conscious choice of working with these energies blesses you the Divine wisdom."

T- Gratitude for connecting once again Shiva!

Renuka Gupta, PhD, HART Founder

Gurjot Kaur Inter-intra Galactic Connector


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