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Chaos to Stillness

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I am doing well, kept a positive mind, even using crystals, also visualizing that things will go well with the sale of my home. Whenever a text comes, I feel now it shall sell. It has been 22 days on the market, I am worried at times, and my leg has once again started paining. Thanks for checking in. Any message for me?

Ans -

Impatience is not faith. Universe doesn't have a time line. Earth works as per the energy vibrations, which leads to events to occur, one of the most powerful vibrations is, stillness in chaos....

Letting go of expectation, allowing a specific time for an event to occur. Fluctuating ones thoughts leading to ups and downs of emotions, all create an energy vibration of chaos. Chaos attracts chaos, and delays.

Settle down the inner vibrations by prayer and meditations without expectations, things manifest when it needs to and then brings the best possible outcome , that too beyond ones imagination. Faith.

Stillness.......away from chaos....



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