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Collective Consciouness of Humanity

When humanity and compassion rises collectively in each one of us, universe showers its blessings on all

Universe never leaves your side. Ask for help and you receive it.

This is a True Story.

It all began with a travel plan from Toronto to Kingston via Poparide. The pick up location was Yorkdale Mall.

The Aunt and Niece took the Toronto Subway Line to reach the destination.

Niece was the one to travel to Kingston. She had four things to carry, a suitcase, a duffel bag, A skateboard and a bagpack.

Aunt and the niece divided amongst themselves ,who will carry what.

Niece took the Duffel bag and the back pack, her aunt took the suitcase and the skateboard while travelling in the train. Both were chatting and waiting for their station.

The last stop came, aunt was as usual in the front managing the suitcase and skateboard, to get out of the train on time before the train doors shut within seconds, while the niece followed her with what she had carried, both the aunt and niece got off, they had 45 min of extra time, so that they could move around in the mall, have some Real fruit Juice, which they both enjoyed.

As they exited the train, and walked through an inside connecting tunnel to the mall, after walking for 2 minutes, aunt saw a musician, Aunt stopped for two minutes with the niece, to find some coins, as the artist was so talented in his singing and playing the guitar. It was a soulful voice. Aunt didn't have any coins, so they were about to keep walking, when niece told her aunt, her back pack was not with her, but inside the train which already had left the station. That moment was a shock for both. Aunt told, now they might have to contact the TTC Personnel to enquire, as there are several trains which work on same route.

They took a U-turn and in another three minutes came back at station exit, found two TTC personnel and immediately informed what happened. TTC Security officials asked about , if the train compartment was in the center or end. They also asked details about the back pack. Immediately on their intercom gadget, they informed about the incident to other stations on the same line. The train would take 35 or 40 min to reach the last station, after which they would search for the lost item. So aunt and niece waited at the station. The extra 45 min of having fun, soon changed to severe stressful moments.

The back pack which got lost was the heaviest with a Macbook , Ipad, all niece's ID cards, Rssidence Room keys, Bank cards, Passports , as the niece came from a 5 day trip in USA from another aunt residing in NJ, and was to leave for Kingston via Toronto. Niece had come to Canada just a month back on a student Visa. This bagpack had almost her life packed in it.

While niece and aunt waited, aunt asked if an alarm can be activated on the device, so it is easily trackable. Niece immediately on her cell phone began tracking, we were waiting for laptop and other electronics to catch the wifi signal , as it was an underground subway, and signal comes and goes.

Aunt told the niece not to worry, hopefully even if it is rare, her backpack will be picked up by someone honest and will return, just pray right now. When one has good karmas, nothing wrong happens. So not to worry. Even if the back pack got lost, everything can be replaced, everything, so not be stressed about anything. Niece for her age, 18 years, was handling everything so well, she was strong, alert and doing the needful. Both were anxious, but were managing the trauma well.

Niece was focused on solutions, rather than spending time in biting nails or crying continusoulsy. After 25 min of waiting, niece found the GPS Location of her electronic items, Aunt and Niece immeditately informed the TTC Personnel, who waited with us to track the item.

They said the location shows, it is outside York University station in some parking zone, which means someone took the bag outside the subway.

As soon as this news was received by the niece and aunt, the niece who was trying to remain hopeful and brave, began silently crying and was in tears. Hope shattered. Aunt who is usually not easily moved in trauma, saw her niece in that state, and was feeling very very sad for what was happening in that moment. Aunt kept telling, everything is replacable, nothing is lost. It is ok. We all make mistakes, it happens to all.

The TTC Security told to call a non emergency number and take help in this case, we asked them to offer us the number, they googled and gave us the number to call. Since it was niece's back pack, call was being made from her phone, niece at that point was shaky, nervous ,asked the aunt to call and talk from her phone. The call remained on waiting for almost 5 to 10 min. Aunt asked the niece call 911 now, it is a theft in Progress, she called, and unfortunately that too was in waiting for almost 5 min. Aunt and Niece were losing time, GPS Location showed the backpack items stationary at one location.

Aunt immediately asked her niece to contact her Uncle (Tio) who works as a Loss Prevention Rep, and his work is often alongside TPS. This was a time, where any kind of help would be like a boon. Uncle was working with a TPS Officer, who immeditately contacted the York division Police, as the GPS Coordinates showed the back pack to be in York. Unfortunately, it was a doomed day it seems for many in Toronto. As there was not a single police who could go and check at this location. Aunt tried finding out more about exact GPS Location, since she lived in Toronto, so anyone who goes to fetch it, will know where to go. Meanwhile Uncle left his work inbetween and with the help of a manager drove to the location to search for the back pack.

Niece was stressful, but as informed by TTC Personnel, she began locking her credit cards, so no financial loss happens. Aunt tried to tell the niece, yes, it is a bad situation, but everything in that back pack is replacable.

Although there will be loads of paper work for ID etc, it eill be a headache for a while, but it can all be replaced. The Mac book and apple IPad data was all backed up in the cloud, which could easily be accessed by another new MacBook. Aunt told her not to worry at all, she will buy her a new MacBook for her classes on Monday.

The time for Poparide was also coming closer, aunt told the niece, leave for Kingston, and what needs to be done in Toronto, will be followed up. It was decided that Aunt goes to the GPS Location while the niece leaves for Kingston. So they both headed to board the poparide.

The Poparide was late, plus we were asked to come from one side of entrance to another entrance as thr car was stuck in mall traffic, the walk was so tiring with all the remaining luggage, plus the stress sucked all our energy. Niece bravely locked all her bank cards and secured what she can.

They finally made it to the car. Aunt told Niece, not to worry. She will go and search for the backpack.

She asked the niece who is so technology sound, to keep sending her latest GPS Location when asked.

Aunt told the niece, it is upto the niece, when and who should inform her parents about the incident. Aunt wanted to relieve the tension and stress the niece was carrying, so also offered to take the entire responsibility of the incident, rather to be the sole person to be blamed for this mishap.

Niece told she will inform her parents, but first she needs time to compose herself for a while, which was understandable.

Aunt dropped her niece and was returning to the subway station to go to the GPS Location. On the way, as usual the Aunt asked for assistance from the Divine universe, she lives in the flow and gratitude of it on a daily basis, and always have asked for the universe to guide and heal others, never once has she asked help for herself, knowing that the universe always have protected her, but this time it was her own niece who needed help, and so she said verbatim, "Today is the day I ask for help, I never ask for help for myself, but today I do ask, please find the bagpack for niece, I am sorry Aai ( Aunt's late mum) , but I am calling for you today to help". Aunt kept walking for four min to reach the station, and the minute she reached the station, niece texted, she got the back pack. It was like that moment where tears rolled in gratitude to the universe.

Niece told that two students of york university had found the bagpack and contacted her through Instagram.

We both were in gratitude of those two students, aunt asked for student address, phone number and the name so she can leave for that exact address to get the back pack instead of following a GPS Coordinates.

Aunt went to get the back pack, she wanted to offer some money as a gratitude for the honesty and integrity those students showed in returning the item. Both students said, "no , and said they understand how stressful it is when one loses things. We would also want someone else to do the same for us, if we lost something".

They said, they couldn't find any phone number or contact, so they were even planning to call thr passport office since there was a passport in it. The address was of a different country. They found the Niece on instagram by fluke, as they had her picture and name atleast in the bagpack. We all know by now, how rare it was to quickly find someone on instagram like that. There are countless people with same names.

Aunt thanked the students, gave them her visiting card, and said anytime they need help, just contact.

Those who are unaware, in Toronto the theft rate, homeless has been rising over the years. Getting back a lost bagpack with so much expensive electronic gadgets in it was next to impossible. Getting it back is no less than a miracle. The other best part was, anyone who is honest and finds the bagpack, usually submits it at station counter reporting it as lost bag, but because these two students took the bagpack and began the search for its owner knowing the importance of all the things lying in this bagpack, they saved lots of time and stress energy which would have hit the Aunt and Niece hard. Usually a lost baggage processing takes days, minimum 2 to 3 days, before anyone can check if a bag was found. If this would have happened, those 3 days would be extremely stressful for the niece, who was to resume her university classes by Monday and this incident happened on Saturday late evening. Once again seemed like it all got beautifully aligned, and in a timely manner the Students actions saved Aunt and Niece from stressing for longer period of time.

Aunt told her niece not to worry, she will parcel the entire bagpack with trackable expedited courier to Kingston. Monday she will have it on time for her classes.

Aunt and Niece were continuosly in touch via text, aunt asked where has the poparide reached. Niece told it is still in the same mall, parking lot. Aunt said, if they are going to wait there longer, then she can try delivering the backpack now itself. Niece asked the Poparide driver, all agreed, as anyways the car had broke down and was getting repaired.

It was once again, like the universe aligned to help both. Aunt took an Uber to reach faster, and while poparide car was again stuck onxe again in the mall traffic, aunt asked the niece to just come out of car for quick visibility, while both kept constant communication about each others car location, and voila aunt saw her niece at the side pavement, another coincidence, looking at the huge traffic jam there. Aunt immediately got out of the uber and handed the bagpack to her niece. In those moments, both finally had teary eyes, but this time with smiles on their faces. Both hugged.

Aunt told niece, to extend gratitude and thank all those who helped them today, even the Poparide driver and riders who waited extra ten minutes. She went back with a smile and relieved. Niece being such a beautiful soul, was concerned how her aunt will go back, aunt told subway station is right here, not to worry about her aunt, rather now try relaxing and resting in the car.

While returning that same musician was there packing his items to go home. Aunt extended gratitude and blessings in silence to him too, as indirectly it was his music which alerted the niece to find a coin in her purse which was in her backpack, which was lost.

Today, it was like everything was aligned beautifully, and the Collective Consciouness of people filled with Humanity came together in these three hours of ordeal, to give it a happy ending. A chaos turned to calmness.

Aunt is so proud of her niece, she held herself so strong, even with fear inside, which was so normal in this situation, she kept doing what was needed, didn't spend time in howling and crying or just sitting in shock or being miserable, she chose to be a part of the Solution.

Blessings to all ! 🙏



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