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Dreams we weave....

The dream and illusion we live with, as seen in the above picture.

If we had such a strong still mind, that only this room and image and its scenic effects were enough for us to not leave a space, then I guess we all could be fantastic meditators, where stillness, ones mind not wanting anything more would be the state of ecstacy we constantly lived in.

But... but.....Our mind constantly fluctuates, needs something after a while, which is why many of us go through boredom, or find our routine life to be purposeless after a while.

It is easy to keep doing something new, a new purpose to feel good, but the true challenge is, to keep doing what you already do, most simplistic things, without the feeling or craving for more or something new. That is when you feel content with your self and life.

Contentment doesn't come with achieving one goal after another, rather it comes with being in the now, in acceptance of what this moment has.

Blessings. 🙏🏻

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