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Message from the Crystal Realms of the Universe

Topics are - 

There is Scientific Proof, Nasa, Thyroid as a disease, Why it happens? How can Thyroid dysfuncrion be avoided as a disease? Crystals and Ascension, Dog, Plants, animals of this Planet.

Scientific point of view of Higher Vibrational Beings and their messages-

"The earth moves on its axis and everytime it moves, it is also creatong a lot of energy of its existence in the solar system. 

The inmates of the earth as a planet are opening up to a lot of changes around. It is a phase that is created for awareness, for rising into different domains.

The humans on earth have been experiencing very different climatic changes and weather conditions all across the earth. 

This has been an experience for each one of you. Every corner of this earth, the climatic conditions are way different than what it used to be. Whether you blame it to global warming, or to the portals that have been opened. It is a new shift that is happening. Soon you will see some earth parts rising above the sea level and there would be a new space for humans to stay and learn and experience. Similarly in the coming few years, 15 years, certain parts will completely submerged in water, because these part need a very deep cleansing, while there would be space in the other parts of the earth, to replenish a new space. 

Many scientist will not deny this aspect, which they are constantly been telling you through different mediums.

These are the proofs that we (Higher vibrational dimensional beings) exist. In the upcoming 15 yrs, the human mind is going to undergo a lot of awareness and consciousness. There are many healers who are pushing people to this consciousness and we appreciate their work. Hence science will also accept but they deny at the moment. 

Many do understand that there is something which is not visible to them, but it does exist. Even the msot famous space station of Nasa, that conducts many experiments, sends huge satellite into space. Many scientist in their organization are aware of how there are diff beings that exist and they are in condstant interaction with thw earth. Science has a proof, it is just kept hidden from normal human awareness. 

Thyroid as a disease - 

Thyroid arises or activates uneccesarily, when there is a lot of anger about the injustices happening to you, being supressed, not raising your voice against it.

Raising your voice for the injustice you are feeling is not a form of rebel, it is giving respect to your inner being. It is giving respect to what values you hold onto and what you believe that you are going to work upon. When such things do not happen, and with due time, it multiplies the anger inside you it leads to Thyroid issues, which gradually is then distributed through out the body through different adjoinal diseases that arise, like extreme weight gain, it can be hormonal dysfuntioning and many more as the medical science is aware of. 

What if you teach your children to talk what they feel, to talk what does not make them feel good. Both in equal proportions- you being a patient listener and you do not judge them, for what they are saying.

Showing by example and guiding them to talk it out or write it down, so that the space at the throat level is cleared.

 If you hold onto these energies of injustice that your self feels, it activates and aggravates the entire situation, and the disease does not leave you. 

Importance of Crystals - For each different crystals play a different role. Universally White color crystal will move you towards your ultImate goal. Celenite, Clear Quartz , Moon stone and many more will all help all to Ascend. 

Dogs on the planet earth, they are sensing what is happening to planet earth, they are sensing what is happenign to them, but these loving beings are unable to express it through anyone grounded. We want you (Therapist) to pray for them and to all the pets that have been there in helping the families around. 

All the plants that have been constantly working very hard, to let this planet function, are providing food, energy, oxygen in every form that they can, prayers to them. Send love to each one of them while you are meditating". 

Therapist - Blessings to all beings on earth and the universe.

"We love u..."

By Renuka Gupta , PhD ,


Messenger of Higher Vibrational Being Gurjot Kaur




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