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Patience, Diseases, Neurobiology field and Trauma

Another client reveals in deep trance using HART Technique about Patience, Diseases, Neurobiology field and Trauma

In a human form how should one practice patience?

Humans want quick resolutions to any problem, even the ones in the field of healing it maybe doctors, alternative therapist or any other field, they always want instant results. If it is very instant it will also fall back very soon. 

For humans to understand patience, they have to first experience whatever they are experiencing and not refrain themselves from it. The more they regain themselves, the more their emotion trauma will increase. But when you start experiencing whether it is joy , sadness, humiliation or any other emotion, ask yourself how shall I open myself to completely assimilate it in my understanding, which will gradually take me towards opening the doors of its way out. When you start doing this, it will help you to see things and in a true manner it is present and the wavering perspectives that each human comes up with, will get sorted and the patience will flourish. 

How do humans come to know the difference on what is bodily shift symptoms due to spiritual evolution, or an actual bodily illness in human life? 

A shift in the body which is aligning them to their spirituality, will not remain more than a month in the timeline of earth, it will subside. When there is a physical illness the indications are already there, which are very gross. When humans do not acknowledge that, then in their human body diseases build on to turn into some severity. It is never that a person would ever get a disease in the last stage, say in terms of cancer, it is never discovered in the last stage, there are indications even ahead of time, but it is the ignorance and lack of self care that humans have built on, because they want to just enjoy the material pleasures, they feel would fulfil them and stop noticing what their bodies are trying to tell them. 

Any disease in that manner will get an understanding and also provide information to the human brain at an early stage. So the moment they discover it, they need to start working on it, and their problems will not go on to a certain extent. However there are many souls who are teaching others, what pain is by experiecing it , in front of their family members, friends and relatives, for them, they have chosen this path and they are exposing this pain to others, hence it is their soul work. For such souls ( who have chosen this path) the pain of that disease will never showcase in any other lifetimes.

Neurobiology field and connection to spirituality.

(Seeker sees images) These scientific and spiritual fields are symbiotic fields, which consume the negative enegies around and open up spaces to more light. They do it in a very subtle manner. (vision of blasts of white light in the brain was seen by the seeker, which is clearing spaces). It opens up channels of a human to accept the individuality a human has and to what extent those individual traits can be explored and attained, and the reasons how did they attain it, is the work of neurobiology field. 

So the deeper they go, the deeper they undertsnad the mechanisms of the universe. Every human has an impression of the universe inside them. So it opens up a fragment of the huge universe, that is imprinted in every human being on earth. 

Hence it is said by many great thinkers on earth that " the power resides inside you", the moment you will be able to access this divine universe which resides inside you, it will elevate every human, every soul and it will all rise up to a different way of functioning that a human had never experienced till now. 

How is trauma resolved ? 

The energy of trauma that is situated in the brain, which has created its imprints in the subconscious is released because it is form of energy. When it is released , it also changes the form, because the trauma also does not want to stay with you, it was an experience which had to be released, to move onto some other person, but you held onto it and when you held onto it, it started acting up, because it was not its place to stay and hence an experience turns out into a trauma and then it becomes parasatic, because it has to take up energy from ur body to survive and when it multiplies, it also contaminated the energy around, and as human beings we block these energies inside our systems, we lock them in our systems.

How do humans block the trauma and these systems?

The heart closes up. 

What does the human do to close the heart?

They start enjoying the pain, they start getting the attention that they are supposed to provide themselves rather than seek from outside.

They feel that the materials that are around them will give them satisfaction, will give them release from those pains. But rather than recognizing something that is inside them, they all constantly find solutions outside that helps them to seek attention from other people, and that is also one of the major values that at the moment the human is suffering from, attention from every direction, rather than from their own selves. 

By Renuka Gupta, PhD


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