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Returning home with Higher Consciousness

We are our ancestors. We the homo sapiens were and still are in some levels Extra-terrestial (ET) beings, who chose Earth to be their home. This is where we began our journey and evolved from being a inter-galctic being to this modern age human.

Time and again we were visited by the interplanetary beings, most come to raise the consciousness of the Earth and to save Earth, while there are planetary beings who came to destroy and conquer Earth by taking away the Conscious awakenings happening in Humans.

The destruction and conquering of Earth, the Gaia began centuries before. Many planetary beings, and Earth beings have forgotten the origin, the Source, the higher consciousness. They have forgotten the reason for coming into existence from Nothingness and are caught in endless rebirths. The Fear , the Ego kept them away from the Consciousness, the memories of their origin was lost in the process.

There are certain planetary beings who have been entering Earth since centuries have focused on conquering and capturing the consciousness within each human, the final key of return to the origin. These planetary beings are also known as Reptilians.

In todays Earth many of these ET are dark and light ( good and bad) Reptilians who come from reptilian planet verified by healers who take their clients into deep trance and gain knowledge about these other planetary beings. Reptilians have already installed themselves in a human body by hybridization.

There are dark reptilians, who have become a part of darker missions on Earth and have placed themselves in higher positions, and they exist in every country on Earth. They look like humans, highly intelligent, they talk exactly like the human shell they took over, but if you observe them minutely, they look cold, unempathetic, not too many body or hand gestures, more stiff, facial expressions. If in-between they give some expressions, it is extremely plastic and robotic, almost looking like human clones.

So why do we have these Reptilians on Earth, and why is it that now we are coming across this information or knowledge about them as universal downloads ?

In Reptilians, there are good and bad ones ( light and dark), the light Reptilians want to use their technology or knowledge for the welfare, but the dark ones, walk soulless with higher intelligence and lack of moral conduct among us.

The Earth, the humans, ET in human bodies are all at a celestial stage of awakening. The consciousness of the Earth has been rising in higher speeds since past few years now, this is a huge threat to these few dark reptilian planetary beings, as the illusions, the cravings, the Ego has become like an addiction to the reptilians. Control by a dark reptilian is not possible while all the homo sapiens have higher consciousness, which means the knowledge and memory embedded in our souls about the Origin, and that there is always a connection to The Source.

Currently Earth is a planet full of life, many planetary beings have been observing life on Earth in awe from outside. In other galaxies and planets, the dark reptilians had destroyed several planets in their quest to conquer it, often leading to a battle which ended up destroying the entire planet.
The destruction and conquering of Earth, the Gaia began centuries before , done by the dark reptilians, which is why Earth has gone through several dark events since centuries.

Earth in its current stage is inhabited by Humans ( coming from a lineage of ET, the current direct ET and other visible, invisible planetary beings who are formless and in many forms. They all have come together on Earth centuries before and have been working towards raising the consciousness of Earth.

They are doing a far more deeper job which most humans are unaware of. Many ET like the Lemurians are still very much a part of Earth who are contributing in raising the consciousness of all, but very few humans are aware of their existence on Earth. There are beings in Earth's crust, unknown to humans, who are also working towards raising the vibrations. It is when each being raise their consciousness, we become one light travelling to The Source, the Nothingness.

Human consciousness is rising on Earth, the light and dark Reptilians and their activities are coming out more in the open. The dark reptilians portray themselves as harmless beings walking among us in disguise, but they are here among humans, to increase infighting between humans through various means, and to keep humans in lower vibrational states, such that their consciousness doesn't ascend to higher consciousness.

We the homo-sapien ancestral lineage of ET , as beings of Earth together with the visible and invisible light beings need to begin raising ones own vibrations. The path is simple, Faith over Fear, Compassion over Ego. The dark reptilians apart from hybridization, can enter bodies as a walk-in phenomena where fear and ego lingers for a long time and the human remains in a lower vibrational state. Walk-in is a phenomena where the soul a human is born with exits for an ET to enter, this ET can be a dark reptilian entering, if the human had lower vibrational energies for a long time.

In the past few years, what was brought to us in weaponized forms was the work of dark reptilians in human bodies. What is being carved as a future for humans is a plan of the dark reptilians, the only way to stop this dark reptilian process is by going within.

It is through going within that we raise our consciousness connecting all Beings to the ONE - THE SOURCE.
Division by Country, Religion, Caste, God, Creed, Race, Gender is how the dark Reptilians have gained power. They conquer us by keeping our vibrations low through infighting.

It is time for all ET to raise the consciousness by working from within, unless each ET Being raises their consciousness, there is no going back for all. The message for all from the Source is : "It is time to raise consciousness. Time to come home. Leave the world of Illusions and remember who you are, THE SOURCE.

Blessings !

The Universal SOURCE ..............

(A side Note from the Author:

For months, rather a year, there was a disconnect to understanding it all, for me the answers usually come from Universal Downloads, as soon as the que is posed. This time, the question of what is happening to people and the world, was just not getting clear.

It was like, something kept bothering within, and there was something missing to complete the answer.

Universal downloads are such that answers cannot come through thinking, analysis or going into more deep thoughts, they are spontaneous answers entering the shell human one is born into.

If anyone talked about ET and Reptilians 10 years back, I would also be like, what crazy thoughts are you sharing.

But knowing what I know now, it all just makes sense and it connected so beautifully to all the ruckus happening around in the world at all levels.

Been feeling lighter since it all came to light with this clarity.

Hope we all connect in the deepest ways and work towards our path of ascencion and help others as much as we can.

Blessings. 🙏🏻😇)

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Worth Reading to understand the world today.

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