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The Secret of Free Will

We indeed have the free will to choose our actions and emotions for things occuring in our life, which creates more occurances in our life...

Sometimes due to our free will, we move further away from the purpose of Life, or go towards it.

The more we choose to live in a Past or remain in a future, we are slipping our course towards the purpose of our Life.

One need not even create a " Positive Future" in our mind, as the book "The Secret" says, as we are still not admitting to the uncertainities of Life.

Even remaining in a positive future, is telling oneself that, your present is not what you want it to be, and so you are unaccepting it.

Remaining in Past and Present means, remaining in ones thoughts, and remaining in present means, being in awareness, conscious states.

The more one learns to be in the present ( meditation helps us to build this habit) , the more swift and automatic every aspect of us and life around us becomes.


Renuka Gupta, PhD , RP, CHT, PLRT


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